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DIY Decor: Lemon + Turquoise


Chairs and tablecloth rented from West Coast Event Productions.

It's an unexpected color combination, but as you'll see, they look beautiful together. Check out this lemon yellow and turquoise blue tabletop.

Homemade Liberty print napkins set the color scheme on top of an ivory rental cloth. On top of each napkin we placed a Meyer lemon favor.




We poked a little flag in each lemon. The flags were made from toothpicks and a piece of colored masking tape (available at


In the center of the table we placed a cheerful basket of daffodils.

We used about 3 dozen daffodil stems and placed them in a watertight vase before placing them inside the basket. We strung garlands made from colored tape and string over the table for a festive feel. 




Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:14 am
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