DIY Favors: Homemade Bread and Jam


Store bought trinkets just can’t beat the sentiment of a homemade gift. That’s why we absolutely love this project. Not only is it handmade, but the giver has an opportunity to honor and share a great recipe. Now your guests will know exactly what you’re talking about the next time you rave about Aunt Linda’s home cooking!

Step 1

Using the instructions on the package, download label templates and in a program like Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Paint design some labels. Look for fun and free downloadable fonts at

Fill in names to customize and print them onto your label paper. (2).

Step 2

Lay out the food trays (1) and line them with tissue paper (7). Cut the patterned tissue paper into a rectangle shape just larger than the size of the tray. It looks cute hanging off the edge a bit.

Step 3

After loaves have been baked and cooled, wrap each mini loaf of bread with wax or parchment paper (5). Tie it up with a bit of Baker's Twine (9) and apply bread label.

Step 4

After jam has been spooned into the mini jars (3). Tie a sweet ribbon around the neck of the bottle and apply the jam label.

Red and White food trays (We got these from our local snack food vendor)
Mini Jam Jars ($1/each from Cost Plus)
Mini Bread Pans ($1/for 5 from your local grocery store)
Wax or Parchment Paper
Red and White Bakers Twine ($7/for 60 feet)
Red and White Patterned Tissue Paper
Red Ribbon ($1.40/ for 25 yards)
Labels ($10/from an Office Supply Store)


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