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DIY Flower Tips for your Wedding


Flowers are typically an important part of the wedding and ceremony – and according to most experts, around 10% of your budget should be devoted to flowers. However, if you are a crafty gal and want to create your own flowers, you can potentially save a good chunk of change. Here are some great DIY flower tips that will help you create breathtaking arrangements and save money too!


DIY Flower Tips for How to Pair Flowers 


Most arrangements contain several different types of flowers and greenery. If you want to create your own arrangements but aren’t sure how to pair flowers, here are a few tips.


  •  The simpler the main flower is, the fancier the accessory flowers can be and vice versa. For instance, many types of lilies are multi-colored and would be considered ‘fancy.’ With this type of main flower, adding accessory flowers or greenery which is subtle will create a beautiful contrast and the arrangement will not seem ‘overdone.’ Bear Grass or other plain greenery is a nice choice for this particular flower.

  • When adding large main flowers, try smaller accessory flowers to complement. This is why Roses look so beautiful with Baby’s Breath – the accessory flowers are small and complement the main flowers nicely.

DIY Flower Tips for Filling Containers 


As you begin filling the vases or containers, you should place the greenery first. Because greenery typically surrounds the blossoms, it will provide a steady foundation for you to start with. If you are using drooping greenery which will ‘spill’ out and away from the vase, this should be placed at the outer-most edge of the arrangement and before other types of greenery.


Your taller flowers should be placed next as this will help you determine the overall shape of the arrangement. After you’ve placed the taller stand-alone flowers, you can use the accessory flowers to fill in the arrangement. By working this way, your arrangement will be more polished and professional looking.


Miscellaneous DIY Flower Tips



To keep your flowers lasting longer, it’s important to make sure no leaves or blossoms have fallen into the water. They will decay faster and make your arrangement fade more quickly. If you’ll be using arrangements for more than a day – such as at the rehearsal dinner and the reception, change the water daily. This will also help keep your flowers looking and smelling fresher.


Flower arrangements are something most brides don’t want to do without at their wedding. By using these DIY flower tips, you can create your own beautiful arrangements that cost less than professional arrangements and really dress up your special day!


Photos by Punam Bean


Last Updated: March 17, 2014 at 11:58 pm
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