DIY Project: Rustic Centerpieces


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If you’re looking to save a fortune on expensive centerpieces, this is just the project for you. Not crafty? No problem! Anyone can do this project!

·         6 x 10 Cylinder Vase: $11.99

·         4.5” Vase: $2.99

·         IKEA drinking glasses: $1.99 (use 1 from set of 6)

·         Naturals Potpourri  Bag: $4.19 (1/2 bag)

·         36” Dragon Vine: $2.99

·         Sphagnum Moss: $4.49

·         Crochet floss/thread: $1.60

·         Pillar Candle Set: $7.99 (2 large and one medium from set of 8)

·         Black River Rocks: $3.98 (1/8 of bag)

·         Round Crystal Beading: $2.50 each

·         Greenery clippings: (from bush outside)

·         Flowers of choice


All materials were purchased at Michael’s with the exception of glasses are from IKEA and flowers/greenery from the yard.


Quick Tip: Instead of potpourri shapes, use a bag of nuts in the shell for a rustic, edible touch. Walnuts, Brazil nuts and Almonds work best. (And taste good too!)


Step 1: Wrap small vase and glass in moss, using crochet thread to wrap and secure around the cylinder. Trim the moss on top and bottom of glass with scissors.


Step 2: Fill the large glass cylinder with rocks (approx. 2 inches to cover the bottom). Bury the dragon vine in the rocks and finish with remaining moss.


Step 3: Fill remaining moss-covered cylinders with greenery, flowers, nuts or small potpourri pieces.


Step 4: Remove spiral wood pieces from vine to wrap around extra greenery for napkin embellishment.


Step 5: Add crystals to branch pieces, as desired by using hot glue or wrapping/weaving around stick pieces.

Finished Product:

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