DIY Project: Sea Breeze Centerpiece


If you're planning a beach-themed wedding, you may want to forego the florist and try this easy DIY project instead.

What You'll Need:

·         6 x 10 Cylinder Vase                           $11.99

·         4.5” Vase                                         $2.99

·         White Linen Potpourri Bag                    $4.19 (1/2 bag)

·         Blue Green Sea Grass                          $4.19

·         Curly White Willow                              $5.99  (1/8 of bunch)

·         Jute 3-Ply Twine                                $4.99  (approx. 8 inches of twine per setting, for glass and napkin)

·         Pillar Candle Set                                  $7.99

·         Black River Rock                                  $3.98 (1/8 of bag)

·         Decorative Sand                                  $1.79 (1/2 bag)

·         Optional (instead of sand) Ivory Ribbon    $5.99 (1/5 of roll)


According to these numbers, one centerpiece would cost approximately $50. However, because not all materials were used, it’s a little less. You can make this project even less costly by buying the vases at a thrift store.


All materials were purchased at Michael’s with the exception of the Black River Rock, which was purchased at Lowe’s.


Quick Tip: Pour out the potpourri onto flat surface a day or two before the wedding. The scent will mellow considerably, making it more suitable for dining. Or better yet, go with an unscented mix.


Step 1: Fill large glass cylinder with river rocks, the smaller vase with the potpourri (look for those pieces that resemble shells and seaside finds).


Step 2: Fill the large glass cylinder with sea grass. Bury the ends in the rocks.


Step 3 and 4: After placing candles and filled cylinders in desired positions, pour sand around objects.

Pouring sand after placements allows you to use less sand and ensures a flat surface for candles and vases.


Step 5: Wrap twine around napkin, securing a large potpourri piece to the napkin.


Step 6: Glue or tie twine around glass stem.


Step 7: Set your beautiful table!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:06 am
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