Budget Savvy Bride Contest 2009



Recession or not, brides are looking for ways to save money on their weddings, that’s why Project Wedding is delighted to announce The Budget Savvy Bride Contest! Simply create a community article by clicking here telling us how you saved (or plan to save) a bundle on your wedding and you’ll be entered to win one of three great prizes.

(Just so we know you've entered, make sure your title includes the phrase "Budget Savvy Bride." For example--Budget Savvy Bride: Alison's Story)

1st Place: $500 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place: $300 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place: $200 Amazon Gift Card

Project Wedding is seeking creative, detailed responses. We want to hear your story and see your pictures. In fact, the more we know the better! Feel free to write as much as you'd like, and upload as many photos as you think tell your story.


Last Updated: May 5, 2009 at 10:02 am
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