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Your eye shadow, blush, and lipstick have to be just right for your wedding. Every curl and swoop of the bang shouldn’t disappoint on your special day, as brides often enlist the help of a makeup and hair artist. With professional assistance, you shouldn’t have to worry about looking your best. But, how do you choose the makeup and hair artist that will work their magic on you?

Get References – Ask Family and Friends
What better references to listen to than family and friends when it comes to finding a makeup and hair artist? Perhaps your sister was transformed into an ice princess for her wedding or your mother swears by the hairstyling talents of her personal salon. It's much better to seek out the opinions of loved ones before embarking on the task of locating someone who can satisfy all of your wedding hair and makeup needs.

Sit in on a Session
Maybe it makes you feel better to see a potential makeup and hair artist in action. Ask if it is OK to sit in on a session to view his or her interaction with clients, as well as some of the techniques they use. If they impress, perhaps the boost of confidence can make your decision much easier.

If you are unable to sit in on a professional session, viewing the portfolio of a makeup and hair artist can give you an idea of their capabilities and what you may expect. A telling sign of experience is the variety of styles the portfolio displays, as well as how many brides are featured in their body of work. Do you see flashes of creativity or do they specialize in a certain style, such as creating a mesmerizing swept-up hairdo?

Demonstration of Talent
Give a makeup and hair artist a chance to demonstrate some of their talent. For example, ask he or she to give you a demonstration by applying one of their 'signature' looks to your face. Do you like his or her style? How do they blend colors? Does their application of makeup give you the flawless look you desire?

Test Their Creativity and On-the-Spot Responses 
If you have already selected your wedding theme and colors, use this information to test the creativity of a makeup and hair artist. For a cream and burgundy gown, ask the makeup artist to show how they would treat your eyes. How would they sculpt your hair for a winter wonderland bash? Seeing their on-the-spot responses can help you arrive at a suitable decision.

Photos by Ann Hamilton

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:07 pm
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