Fun Bridal Shower Games


A bridal shower is a lot of fun – not only for the bride-to-be, but the special women who get to share in her joy and excitement.  Besides gifts and chattering about the upcoming wedding, bridal showers are known for their fun, humorous and sentimental games. With all the ideas out there, it can be difficult to decide on bridal shower games for your shower. 


For a little extra help, here are some things to consider when deciding which bridal shower games you will choose.


What Are Your ‘Girls’ Like?

Typically, bridal shower games are made fun by the unique personalities of the women present. One way to determine great bridal shower games is by thinking about your friends and family members and what their personalities are like.  Do most of your friends enjoy watching movies and keeping up with Hollywood romances? Maybe they are all suckers for a good love story.  If so, you could play the famous couples bridal shower game.


For this game, you simply write one half of a famous couple on a sheet of paper – then call the name out during the game.  The guests try to determine the other half of the couple.  If you have a themed bridal shower, you can choose couples who fit your theme.  For example:


Fairytale Theme

Romeo and Juliet

King Arthur and Gwenevere

Hagbard and Signy


This is sure to be a great bridal shower game that your girls will have a lot of fun with!


Will You Be Having a Destination Bridal Shower?

If you will be having a destination bridal shower, there are many bridal shower games you could play.  Think of bridal shower games which would integrate into the destination.  Will you be exploring the nightlife, spending time at a spa or having an adventure with your girls?  Consider games that allow you to continue playing while you’re traveling from one place to another.


For instance, the ‘memory lane’ game would be great for a destination wedding.  Each guest is given a task of finding one thing that reminds them of the bride and groom before the night is over.  At the end of the night, each guest will produce their object and tell the story of why it reminds them of the couple.  This is one of the best destination bridal shower games and with the mix of funny and sentimental stories that are sure to be told – there won’t be a dry eye or a frown in the whole group!


Bridal shower games are not only a way to have fun at the bridal shower.  They are a great way for the bride and her friends and family to bond, celebrate the upcoming wedding and have a great time.  When you’re planning your bridal shower games, keep this in mind and you’ll do fine! 


Last Updated: December 27, 2013 at 10:49 am
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