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Go Green with Plants Instead of Flowers


When most brides-to-be picture their weddings, they see a myriad of beautiful flowers – from cascading Freesia and Larkspur to elegant Tea Roses and Calla Lilies.  If you want a wedding full of beautiful and vivid flowers, but you’d like a greener approach than most brides take – why not go green with plants instead of cut flowers?  Here are some great ideas to get you started.



A Garden Wedding


If you haven’t already determined the location of your wedding, a garden wedding is a perfect way to go green with plants instead of flowers.  You already have the perfect floral backdrop and a garden will provide a lovely setting for your guests to enjoy and for the wedding photographs.  If you choose to have your wedding in a garden, the only cut flowers you will need are for your bouquet!


Decorating with Plants Instead of Flowers


No matter what location you choose, you can create a gorgeous atmosphere for your wedding by using potted plants rather than cut flowers.  Smaller potted plants, such as African Violets, Lisianthus and Mini Carnations are perfect for reception table centerpieces.  Container gardens featuring complementary flowering plants are also a beautiful option for centerpieces.  Larger plants can be used to line aisles, accent the wedding cake table and more.  Calla Lilies, Jasmine or Roses are great choices for this!


Seasonal Weddings: Using Plants Instead of Flowers


Another great way to go green with plants instead of flowers is to use seasonal potted plants.  For a winter wedding, white and red Poinsettias are a wonderful choice – as well as frosty-looking Dusty Millers.  Autumn weddings demand potted plants such as the beautiful Begonia, Sunflowers, Mums or Marigolds.  Spring and summer weddings can be made breathtaking with Roses, Orchids and other bright and vivid flowers.


Benefits of Choosing Plants Instead of Flowers


Cut flowers die in days and you’re left with an enormous bill and a ton of withered flowers.  However, if you choose potted plants, they will live much longer and you can use them to decorate your home or give them as mementos.  Another benefit of using potted plants is that you can use them multiple times – for your rehearsal dinner, wedding and even the reception!


Although many brides-to-be love the thought of fresh cut flowers, there are many benefits to using plants.  If you want to go green for your wedding, using beautiful potted plants rather than flowers is a great start. 

Last Updated: August 26, 2013 at 3:38 pm
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