Hawaii Honeymoon


If you’re thinking Hawaii for your honeymoon destination, great choice! Hawaii is a beautiful tropical paradise with emerald green mountains, sparkling blue waters and beaches with fine, powdery warm sand. It’s a beautiful place to begin the journey of marriage! Here are some great tips to help you plan your gorgeous honeymoon in Hawaii.


Hawaii Honeymoon – Action Packed or Quiet and Serene


Do you want your honeymoon to be full of excitement or quiet and relaxing? You should plan the honeymoon location based on your answer to this question. For instance, honeymooners who choose to stay on the big island of Hawaii or Oahu can take advantage of the plethora of activities available. From snorkeling and golf to shopping and a great nightlife, Oahu is a great place to stay for excitement and fun.


However, if you’d rather enjoy a relaxing, peaceful honeymoon indoors – Lanai is a great choice. This Hawaiian island is more secluded than the others, with only one tiny town and two beautiful resorts. You can still take advantage of your location and get some snorkeling in – but the pace of Lanai is much slower and more relaxed.


Hawaii Honeymoon Destination Packages


Another important tip if you plan on honeymooning in Hawaii is to start planning in advance. Many resorts offer honeymoon packages which offer everything you need – from airfare and rental cars to lodging and activities. By determining where you want to stay in Hawaii, you can narrow down your search and start looking for honeymoon destination packages.


Another way to save big on your Hawaii honeymoon is to plan your wedding and honeymoon in an ‘off’ season. Spring and summer are the most popular Hawaii honeymoon seasons – and the resorts and honeymoon packages are in high demand at these times. By planning an early autumn or a winter wedding, you can save a lot of money. Many of these resorts offer cheaper rates for the off seasons.


What to Pack


If you will be honeymooning in spring or summer, feel free to pack light clothing that you can layer. With highs in the 80’s and 90’s around this time of year, Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous. The cooling trade winds offer relief from the heat and humidity, so layering light clothing is a great idea – you can simply add or remove layers to your taste. In these seasons, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit!


Autumn and winter require something a bit heavier, as temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s are normal. You will probably want to pack a few pieces of formal attire should you decide to have a nice dinner with your new spouse!



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