A Mexico Honeymoon


Mexico is a rich and beautiful place – especially as a honeymoon destination. From tranquil and gorgeous beaches to honeymoon suites offering every luxury available – it’s obvious why Mexico is such a popular honeymoon destination. If you’re planning on starting your new married life with a honeymoon in Mexico, here are some important tips that will help you out!


Your Mexico Honeymoon: Save Money with All-Inclusive Honeymoon Packages


Because Mexico is such a popular honeymoon destination, many resorts offer all-inclusive packages. Rather than paying for everything separately, you can get everything you need – along with discounts, in a nicely wrapped package. From airfare and transportation to food, rooms and bonuses – these packages can save you a ton of money. Many packages include romantic extras, like massages or candle-lit dinners!


Mexico Honeymoon: What to Pack 


It’s important to know what you should pack so you will be prepared at all times. Summers in Mexico are very dry and hot – light clothing, sandals and sun-hats are a great idea. Don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellant, because you will probably need it! Winters in Mexico will not leave you wishing for a snow-suit, but a light jacket and pants or jeans will probably be appreciated. Also, an umbrella is something you should never go without; no matter what season it is when you go on your honeymoon. A bright, sunny day can quickly turn to rain in just about any part of the country!


Most Popular Mexico Honeymoon Destinations


One of the greatest things about a Mexico honeymoon is that the country caters to all tastes. If you plan on enjoying the nightlife during your honeymoon, beautiful Acapulco offers an amazing nightlife. With snorkeling, parasailing and even cliff diving – this is the perfect place for the couple who enjoys excitement! Las Cabos, on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, is a favorite among couples who seek peace and seclusion. You can find everything you need to have a comfortable honeymoon, but there are fewer tourists and it’s much more peaceful and tranquil.


Mexico is a wonderful place to enjoy your honeymoon and start the beginning of your marriage with the one you love. Using the tips and advice above, you can make your honeymoon in Mexico a memory you will cherish forever.



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