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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer


If you open up the phone book, point to the first wedding photographer listing that you see and make reservations on the spot, you're gambling with a rather important part of your very special day. Choosing a wedding photographer takes a bit of research on your part, but with careful diligence, you can find a suitable professional to capture your most precious moments. A good way to locate a decent match that meets your expectations is to create a list of potential wedding photographers. A few tips include:

Create a List of Potential Wedding Photographers

It's good to shop around when it comes to wedding photographers. With different techniques, skills, and previous experience – you never know what you're going to find with a little searching. Browse through local bridal publications and scan the Yellow Pages for attractive ads. Jot down some of the wedding photographers that have caught your eye, and then proceed to ask family and friends whom they would recommend for your nuptials. A person who has had a positive experience with a wedding photographer is often willing to spread the news and share their contact.

Website Surfing

With your wedding photographer list in hand, it's time to check out their online presence. Take the time to visit each website attached to the photographers on your list. His or her portfolio should shed light on the kind of quality to expect. While it's tempting to get caught up in the website design, your main objective is to scrutinize the photos illustrating their work. Sometimes, a certain body of work will speak to your personal preferences. Place a star next to the name of the wedding photographer whose portfolio most impresses you.

Phone Interview

Call or send an email to all the photographers on your list. A quick test to pass is whether or not they are available for the date of your wedding. You may also ask about the kind of photography they specialize in, such as candid shots or traditional poses. This is the time to ask questions concerning their prices and fees. Will they fit into your budget?

Face-to-Face Conversation

It's important to feel comfortable with your wedding photographer, which is why having a face-to-face meeting is significant in making a final decision. Make an appointment to meet with the photographers on your list. Ask to view their portfolios so that you can discuss the details of your wedding plans. Write down any questions you may have. During your meeting, make sure to take notes.

Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

To gain a better understanding with your wedding photographer, it comes down to asking all the right questions. You want to make sure they are able to fulfill all of your needs. I suggest asking some of the following questions:

• Will you use electronic methods, proofs, contact sheets, or an online gallery when it comes time for me to select my wedding photos?
• How much do you charge for enlargements, duplicate prints, and photo albums?
• Do you use an assistant?
• Do you use film or digital means of taking photos?
• What is your payment policy?

Photos by Ann Hamilton

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:23 am
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