Invitations: What Will You Say?


Your wedding invitations will be the first inkling your guests have as to what sort of wedding they will be attending.  Of course, the main purpose of your invitations is to ask your friends, family, co-workers or other individuals to help you celebrate one of the biggest days of your life.  However, there is a slew of different ways to say the same thing – so, with your invitations, what will you say?


Traditional Wedding Invitations

If your wedding will be very traditional, you probably want to go with the traditional wedding invitation.  The variation in wording depends on who is paying for the wedding.  The accepted rule is that the person paying for the wedding is mentioned first on the invitations. 


If the bride and groom are paying, their names come first:


“You are cordially invited to celebrate the wedding of John Groom and Jane Bride.”


If the bride or groom’s parents are paying, their names come first:


“Mr. and Mrs. Bride request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Ms. Jane Bride…”


Of course, this information is followed by the date, time, location and reception details.  While it’s perfectly fine to use the accepted and traditional wedding invitation wording, more adventurous couples may prefer wording with a twist.


Casual Wedding Invitations

If your wedding will be very relaxed and casual, you will probably want to soften the wording on the wedding invitations.  By following the traditional outline, but creating your own casual message – you can provide the necessary details and still put some of yourself and your future spouse into the invitation wording.  For instance, for a very casual, laid-back wedding, it may go something like this:


“John Groom and Jane Bride ask that you share the celebration of love and happiness at their wedding…”


Of course, for a casual wedding invitation, the wording is entirely up to you.  Keep it fun and light, humorous but most of all – allow it to reflect a bit of you and your sweetheart!


Themed Wedding Invitations

If your wedding will be a themed wedding, such as a fairytale wedding or a tropical beach wedding – you can set the mood with your invitation wording.  For instance, a fairytale wedding invitation could include the following:


“Join the royal princess and her knight in shining armor as they join in marriage and begin their storybook life together.”


For a tropical themed wedding, the wording may go something like this:


“Aloha!  John Groom and Jane Bride ask that you be present at their wedding celebration…”


Wedding invitations should reflect the styles and personalities of the bride and groom.  Whether you go with the traditional style wedding invitations or opt for more unique wording – allow a bit of yourself to come through as your family and friends read them.


Invitations pictured in this article are by Chewing the Cud

Last Updated: September 24, 2013 at 3:26 pm
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