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You're probably wondering, What is a mini moon?, and we have to say – it's a neat little trend sweeping young couples and indecisive newlyweds-to-be who have yet to choose the perfect honeymoon getaway.

A mini moon is a brief adventure that engaged couples share, which allows them to visit a location before making a final wedding or honeymoon decision. Sometimes, a mini-moon allows couples to enjoy an exciting trip if they have decided to postpone their honeymoon.

The Advantages of a Mini Moon

Meet with wedding professionals
Explore busy cities and tropical islands
Test out potential honeymoon sites
Sample local cuisine and restaurants
Enjoy a break from wedding planning
Release stress and reconnect
A mini moon usually consists of a brief excursion – typically within driving distance or accessible through a short flight. Couples often stay at an inn, major hotel, or spa. Slowly but surely, more establishments are creating packages with the mini moon couple in mind. However, a romantic sweethearts package usually fits the needs of an excited fiancé and fiancée awaiting a weekend of pampering and relaxation. 

Where will you go for your mini moon?

Consider the following popular mini-moon destinations:
Mexico: With comfortable resorts situated on the Baja coast and ancient allure of the Mayan civilization, Mexico offers an array of romantic adventures – ranging from endless shopping to beautiful cultural scenery.
Bahamas: There's nothing like paying a visit to an island located just a hop, skip, and a jump from the United States mainland. The Bahamas offers more than 700 islands for couples to romp about. Just imagine sinking your toes into white sands.
Florida: Whether you settle into a room at the Don Cesar Hotel (St. Petersburg Beach) or toast to chocolate-covered strawberries at the Hyatt Regency Bonaventure in Weston – Florida is filled with plenty of mini-moon destinations, like Key West, Miami, and Orlando. 

Las Vegas: With endless discounts, excitement, and entertainment, Las Vegas offers something for everyone. Planning your mini-moon in the city that never takes a breath will surely melt the built-up tension and stress that planning a wedding can bring.
New Jersey: An array of hotel packages for mini-moon seekers are found in New Jersey, such as the Gables (in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island), which tantalizes guests with a five-course dinner for two, breakfast in bed, and fragrant flowers – for about $400 per night.
Pocono Mountains: Many romantic mini moon getaways have taken place at the Pocono Mountains – a year-round vacation destination located in northeastern Pennsylvania. The outdoorsy couple may truly appreciate their surroundings, which are filled with valleys, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls.
Napa Valley, California: For the mini moon couple seeking to splurge, imagine the pampering that takes place at the Milliken Creek Inn in California's Napa Valley, where their Mini-Moon Escape Package (about $2,475 per couple) places you in the middle of wine county luxury.
Tropical Waters: Some of the best deals are found with a mini moon cruise, especially the ones that depart out of South Florida. Visiting destinations, such as Cozumel and St Thomas, you could pay as little as $249 for rooms, depending on the season.

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