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One Wedding Gown or Two?


Shopping for a wedding gown is one of the most important and exciting parts of the getting married process. Should I go for a dress that highlights the curve of my back? Do I want an off-color ballroom gown that matches the spring season? Should I go short to show off my legs?

These are all valid questions and once you start to browse dresses of all shapes and colors, additional concerns are sure to arise. Then, it hits you – what if I get more than one wedding gown?

The Pros of More than One Wedding Gown

It's Not That Uncommon…
When it comes to a wedding gown, brides enjoy indulging in the details of how they will look on their wedding day. Having two wedding gowns is not only a growing trend; it gives competitive brides something to talk about.

Eliminates Indecision
Simply put, if you can't decide between two wedding gowns and can afford to purchase both, who says it's against the rules to go for it? Why don’t you just eliminate the stress of choosing just one and move on to the next wedding task on your plate. Trust me – you'll save a lot of time and probably wind up happier that you didn’t leave behind the dress that 'could have been.'

How many brides have walked down the aisle in a Cinderella dream of a dress with flowing veil, but found it extremely hard to 'get down and funky' at the reception? Choosing more than one wedding gown allows a bride to embrace a classic wedding ceremony and then slip into something a little more comfortable when she's ready to let down her hair.

Alternate Colors and Styles
Having more than one wedding gown allows a bride to incorporate all of the colors and styles she imagined for her special day. A common approach is to select a traditional frock (mostly white or ivory) for the ceremony, but appear in a more stylishly daring ensemble for the reception. 

The Cons of More than One Wedding Gown

Extra Cost
For some brides, having more than one wedding dress just isn’t in the cards. The extra cost could force you to eliminate other details of your nuptials. For example, if it comes down to choosing between an extra wedding gown and extra days on your honeymoon, it's best to keep your fiancé in mind. He'll probably enjoy the extra days in the sun.

A Bit Excessive?
Depending on the bride, more than one wedding gown means that you're not only focused on one special dress, but two. For some, this diminishes the delight of finding 'the perfect dress.' You will also have to deal with the reactions from friends and family that feel your choice is a bit excessive.

All in all, if you can afford to make all of your wedding apparel desires come true, there is nothing wrong with choosing two wedding gowns. Remember, this is your wedding! Make the most out of it!

Photos by Ann Hamilton

Last Updated: July 13, 2014 at 5:23 pm
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