Pets at Your Wedding?


Man's best friend. Your trusted furry companion. How will guests react when they find out that you plan on having pets at your wedding? In today's society, it is not far-fetched to see a dashing German Shepherd donning a tux and walking down the aisle as part of the wedding party. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly commonplace to see dogs and other pets become a functional part of wedding ceremonies – even playing the role of ring bearer, groomsmen, and bridesmaids.

Why You Want Pets at Your Wedding…

Like many individuals, there's probably no second-guessing when it comes to having pets at your wedding. In many cases, pampered pooches and friendly felines are a part of the family – often treated like children. It's only natural that you want to spend this important occasion with the confidant that relentlessly listens to all of your trials and tribulations. It's reasonably expected that you'd also like to pose for pictures with your pets at your wedding.

The Pros of Pets at Your Wedding

Having your pets at your wedding is one of the best ways to personalize your nuptials. For some, their wedding day is not complete unless Fifi or Fido shares the moment. Animals also have a great way of lightening up the mood and taking some of the pressure off of such a formal occasion. Interestingly, if you lack nieces, nephews, or any available little ones to serve as pageboys and flower girls – there are professionals ready and willing to train your pet to assume the role. 

The Cons of Pets at Your Wedding

When it comes to having pets at your wedding, you also have to take into consideration other factors that may affect your final decision. While you may find it more socially acceptable to incorporate your pet at your wedding, other guests may disapprove. What about your cousin who is deathly afraid of dogs – even the smallest of poodles? Did you stop to think that some of your wedding guests could possess an allergy to animals? Will the church and/or reception venue even allow animals to enter?

And what about your pet? Animals are known to display unpredictable behavior and the excitement of your special day could prove too much for them to handle. You cannot predict whether or not pets at your wedding will lead to unwanted noises and the occasional 'little accident.' Even the best trained of dogs have been known to ignore basic commands. How well does your pet deal with distractions? If called upon to walk down the aisle, I suggest you make sure they are able to stay focused. Do you own a lapdog? Keep in mind that they may become overprotective and refuse to leave your side.

All in all – this is your wedding and if you and your sweetie wish to have pets at your wedding, then this is a choice that is ultimately your own. Just make sure that the most important members of your guest list feel comfortable or are forewarned. Adding an alert on wedding invitations could also help.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:51 pm
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