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Plan Your Rehearsal Dinner: 3 Valuable Tips


Holding a rehearsal dinner is an excellent way for you and your future spouse to show your gratitude and affection to family and friends. Traditionally, all family and friends who will be included in the wedding ceremony should be invited to the rehearsal dinner – including bridesmaids, groomsmen, the families of the couple, etc. Here are 3 valuable tips to help you as you plan your rehearsal dinner.


1. Enlist the Help of a Friend or Family Member


Planning a wedding is very stressful and dealing with the rehearsal dinner on top of it can really leave you frazzled. One of the most important things you can do at this time is to rely on the help of a family member or friend. Many brides-to-be ask for the help of their future mothers-in-law for the rehearsal dinner, since the bride’s family traditionally helps with the actual reception and wedding.


This is a great idea; however you should feel free to ask someone else if you want. Your ‘rehearsal helper’ can help you send out invitations, determine the perfect location, plan the menu and other things that are required in order to hold a beautiful rehearsal dinner.


2. Start Thinking about Toasts Well in Advance


While the reception is the perfect place for family and friends to toast the bride and groom – the rehearsal dinner allows the couple to thank those that will be involved in the wedding. Generally, the groom’s father will welcome the guests of the rehearsal dinner, offering his well wishes and gratitude.


Then the bride’s father, the groom, best man and groomsmen will also offer toasts and well wishes toward the guests and the couple. This is a great time for the couple to extend their thanks and affection toward the ‘major players’ of the wedding with a toast. To ensure that you leave no one out, it’s a great idea to start planning your toasts or at least thinking about them well in advance.


3. Last Minute Details


Somewhere amidst the mingling and fun of the rehearsal party, find time to go over any last-minute wedding details. Although this is what the rehearsal dinner is supposed to be about, many times this aspect is neglected while guests have fun getting to know one another, receiving gifts and enjoying the company of the bride and groom. It will help if you make a list of important topics you want to cover or questions you have.


Your rehearsal dinner should be fun, beautiful, relaxing and touching for all those involved. As you plan your rehearsal dinner, remember these 3 tips to make things easier on you and those who are helping!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:23 am
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