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Plus Ones and Children – Should I Invite?


Settling down to create a guest list for your wedding can cause a great deal of headaches, especially when trying to narrow down a final headcount in order to stay within your budget. Besides making sure you've invited the most important players in your life, there are other factors to take into consideration, such as plus ones and children. Should you make concessions and invite plus ones and children?

Plus Ones at Your Wedding – Pros and Cons

While the spouses of married invitees are automatically included on a wedding guest list, the individuals that you wish to attend who haven’t found the love of their life yet may want to bring a date or friend along. However, when you’re calculating the overall cost to include plus ones in your wedding plans, it may not serve your best interests.  So, how will you keep your single guests feeling comfortable? Consider the following pros and cons of inviting plus ones to your wedding:

  • Pros: Weddings are full of couples who are either reminiscing their own nuptials or looking forward to their own when they attend a wedding. As paired guests settle into their assigned seats, others (who have come alone) feel left out. Allowing plus ones to attend your wedding will keep your single guests happy, chatty, and within a comfort zone – unless of course…they are looking to mingle with another single guest.
  • Cons: If you allow plus ones to attend your wedding, you could end up seeing roommates, best friends, and the guy your sister just met strolling into your reception. Bottom line – you could wind up seeing an assortment of unfamiliar faces that you're ultimately paying to attend.

Children at Your Wedding – Pros and Cons

When it comes to children at your wedding, you have to keep in mind that some parents will not leave their little ones behind. However, this is your special day and if you don’t want the pitter-patter of little feet, unscripted outbursts, and distractions at the ceremony – most parents usually understand a request to leave the kiddies at home. The pros and cons of such a decision include:

  • Pros: Letting children attend your wedding will make parents on your guest list pretty happy. They get a chance to spend quality time with their little one during a special occasion. It also gives them an excuse to whip out the attire that transforms their kids into princes and princesses. Having children at your wedding also means that you'll benefit from the angelic faces that make unforgettable ring bearer and flower girl moments.
  • Cons: With sleepy eyes, gyrating adults at an evening reception, and inappropriate musical tunes, a child at your wedding probably isn’t the best idea. A wedding taking place in a small, intimate setting will also seem claustrophobic to a child that isn’t used to being around a lot of strangers. At your wedding ceremony, a crying fit can erupt at any moment, possibly interrupting the exchange of your vows.


Last Updated: October 6, 2014 at 12:49 am
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