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Reception Site: Museum


While you might not be able to mingle with family and friends in the midst of Starry Night or the Mona Lisa, there are plenty of museum reception sites that offer a unique environment for your wedding bash. From a natural history museum with towering T-Rex's to abstract art sculptures guarding your wedding cake, choosing a museum reception certainly speaks to artists, art lovers, and couples looking for stimulating surroundings after their exchange of vows.

Why Choose a Museum Reception?

A museum reception offers an assortment of fascinating and entertaining aspects to incorporate. Some institutions are equipped with sweeping stained glass windows, mahogany paneling, ornate lighting, and marble floors. Couples who choose a museum to host their wedding reception do so because it: 

• Accommodates art lovers
• Surrounds guests with culture and beautiful images
• Provides elegant surroundings
• Sets a romantic tone
• Is a unique setting

Museum Reception Ideas

Hire a photographer to produce special portraits of guests posing next to paintings, sculptures, and other kinds of exhibits. The final product will make an incredible keepsake. For an art gallery affair, hire an artist to create caricatures of your guests. Appropriate appetizers and finger foods may include cookie art, depicting famous works of art, such as Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Can and the Girl with the Pearl Earring.  Arrange complimentary tours of large museums and opportunities to view Special Collections.

The Pros and Cons of a Museum Reception Site


One of the most intriguing aspects of having a museum reception is the beauty of art works, elegant atmosphere, cathedral ceiling, and glimpses into the past. There's just something simply regal about sharing this moment with family and friends. Depending on the museum you have chosen as your site, prices will vary. However, since taxpayers may subsidize many institutions, you stand to catch a bargain.


Since you have chosen a museum reception, which takes place at a location open to the public, keep in mind that a handful of restrictions usually follow. For instance, the time allotted for setting up is often possible only after the museum has closed to the public. This means waiting until 4 or 5pm. The amount of time you are allowed to host your museum reception is sometimes shorter than with other locations. Some museums will limit the amount of food and beverage allowed. In some cases, the watchful eye of security guards and video surveillance could place a damper on the festivities. 

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Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:33 pm
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