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Save the Date Ideas


Save the date announcements are not necessary and in some cases, mistaken for the real wedding invitation. However, if you'd like to spend the money on making sure people mark their calendars for your special day, there are plenty of ways of accomplishing this goal. Whether you'd like to exercise your imagination or 'wow' the guest list with your save the date ideas, I suggest you embrace your creative side and consider the following tips and tricks:

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Add Something You Can Feel


People respond quite well to their sense of touch. For some weddings, incorporating texture into their save the date announcements is a great way to make sure the invited remember your special occasion. For example, attach seashells for a wedding planned by the ocean.


Magnetize Your Guest List


For a save the date idea that your family and friends can get some use out of – consider the creative approach of sending refrigerator magnets. Not only does this save the date tactic make a colorful reminder, but also provides your guests with eye-catching keepsakes. Go the extra mile and print a mini-calendar of the month that you have planned your wedding and include a heart encircling the actual date.


Piggy Back Off of a Theme


Who said that your save the date announcement had to come in the form of a card? Tap into the elements of your theme wedding and get creative. For instance, an Asian-style reception may send out artsy chopsticks, decorative fan, or Chinese lantern providing save the date details.


The Scroll Effect


For a lavishly dramatic (yet costly) effect that no one will forget, send a parchment scroll with eye-catching calligraphy alerting your guests to your special day. This particular save the date idea works quite well with a themed wedding centered on knights in shining armor, renaissance-type affairs, and other royal settings.


Local Advantage


If your wedding list doesn’t comprise of any out-of-towners, you can afford to take advantage of the close proximity of guests. Attach a helium balloon to their front door announcing your big day with a save the date card or decorative weight attached to the end. For smaller wedding parties, you could hand-deliver a bottle of wine with a customized label highlighting your event details. Create a small basket of fruit with a faux apple stamped with your save the date information.


Digital Reminders


Looking for a way to save money and paper? Consider sending your save the date announcements through the World Wide Web. Emails and digital postcards are as easy as pressing a simple button. There are many programs that allow you to send digital reminders to your wedding guests, such as Vertical Response – which gives you the tools to create beautiful reminders, as well as a convenient delivery system.



Last Updated: October 21, 2013 at 12:08 am
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