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Should You Have Kids in Your Wedding?


Your 5-year old niece looks adorable in frilly dresses and lace-topped socks – and you're thinking she's a perfect example of how to incorporate kids in your wedding. However, when it's time to walk down the aisle, tossing rose petals to the ground while the eyes of 200 guests gaze intently, how do you know she won't freeze under pressure? Kids in your wedding will certainly make a lasting impression.

From junior bridesmaids to confidant ring bearers, young children bring a touch of innocence and purity to a wedding ceremony. But, it's important to remember that having kids in your wedding takes patience and a bit of training. They must learn their roles and feel comfortable with the responsibility as well. Plus, don’t just assume your sister doesn’t mind having her daughter or son participating in the wedding. Did you ever stop to think that they don’t want all 200 pairs of eyes staring at their child?

To help you come to a conclusion on how to handle the issue of kids in your wedding, consider the following suggestions:

Age and Maturity
When having kids in your wedding, it is important to match ceremonial duties to young attendants based upon their age and level of maturity. Don't let a temper tantrum or easily distracted toddler cause a commotion at your wedding. It is suggested to place younger children (ages 4 to 8) in traditional roles, such as ring bearers and flower girls.

Parents' Role
Enlist the help of the parents of kids in your wedding and position them in convenient seats in order to direct their child and lend support.

The Safety of the Wedding Ring
When using kids in your wedding to carry the most prized possessions of the ceremony (besides your husband-to-be) – it might be a good idea to sew fake wedding rings onto the ring bearer's pillow. This will help avoid the dilemma of locating lost rings and wasting precious time.

Children are full of unexpected outbursts, cute mannerisms, and impromptu questions. If you want kids in your wedding, keep in mind that they are not adults and are prone to a few comic (or not-so-comic) errors.

Create Memorable Moments
Utilize the talents of your poetic nephew and encourage him to recite a piece at your ceremony.

Alternative Roles
Kids in your wedding don’t have to play the traditional roles of ring bearer and flower girl in the actual ceremony, but can instead pass out favors or bring cake to guests.

All in all, having kids in your wedding can create fun memories as long as the child is comfortable with the role they are given and you don’t mind taking a few deep breaths until everything falls into place. 

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:13 am
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