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Thank You Notes – Timing Matters


You’ve been busy planning your wedding for months already and the big day is almost here – don’t forget to make time to write your thank you notes!  A thank you letter seems like such a simple thing and is quite easy to overlook.  However, remembering to show your appreciation for the gifts you and your new husband receive is a very big deal – and sending the notes out on time is even more important!


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Why Should You Say Thank You?

If you have ever received a thank you note for a gift you’ve given, then you already understand its importance. This simple, sometimes forgotten, rule of wedding etiquette assures your friends and family that their token of love and support was noticed and appreciated. Sending your thank you notes on time will keep your guests from checking their mailbox every day as they wait to hear from you, wondering if their gift may have been lost or if you just didn’t like it.


Proper Etiquette for Thank You Note Timing

The queen of wedding etiquette, Emily Post, says to never make anyone wait longer than 3 months to receive a thank you for a gift they’ve given. Keep this timeframe in mind as you schedule your replies but also remember that life as a newlywed is going to be just as hectic as your days as a bride-to-be. The last thing you want to do after getting home from your honeymoon is to write and address hundreds of thank you notes!


Tips for Timely Thank You Notes

Instead of waiting until after the wedding, make your thank you notes part of your planning and preparation. Use your wedding planner to record gifts and their givers as you receive them and order your stationary along with your invitations so that doesn’t become an excuse to procrastinate. 

  • If you’re honored with a bridal shower, write and mail your thank you notes for those gifts immediately. If you can send these within 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll have more time to enjoy the gifts after the wedding.
  • Write and address thank you cards for all the gifts you receive before the wedding as well. Believe me, you will be quite thankful you got these out of the way!
  • Don’t forget that your wedding party, the minister, and anyone else that helps to make your perfect day flawless deserves a personal thank you too. You can get a head start on these before the big day so there’s not as much to do when you return from the honeymoon.
  • After the wedding, take a few minutes each day to write and address your thank you letters.

Remember, if you do procrastinate and find yourself way past schedule – a late thank you is better than no thank you.  Try your best to send out your wedding thank you notes on time – your guests will appreciate it!


Last Updated: May 3, 2014 at 10:44 am
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