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Destination Wedding: Pros and Cons


Forget about waiting until the honeymoon to sink your toes into a stretch of white sands and join the increasing number of couples who have already discovered the beauty and excitement of a destination wedding. Before choosing a destination wedding, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of such a decision, as a host of issues will certainly arise when you forego local backyard, church, or garden nuptials.

Popular Destination Wedding Sites

From sultry locations to romantic getaways, there are plenty of destination wedding sites to consider including those located halfway across the country and exotic locales you've only dreamed of. Caribbean cruise ships often send couples off on a high sea adventure towards tropical islands and swaying palm trees.

Take a gamble in love, as you say, "I do" in a Las Vegas destination wedding. Take in the sights of a Pacific beach while enjoying a Mexican retreat or maybe you'd like to get lost in the romance-seeped castles scattered about Europe.







Photo by Meg Smith

Looking for inspiration? Consider the following destination wedding sites:

• Grand Hotel (Florence, Italy) – Offers a breathtaking ballroom situated within a former 18th century palace.

• Le Château d'Esclimont (France) – The perfect fairytale fantasy positioned on a charming lake.

• Dalhousie Castle (Edinburgh, Scotland) – A celebrity hot spot, this castle offers both elegance and history.

• Dramatic Cave (South Wales, United Kingdom) – Two waterfalls kiss a large lake setting, perfect for exchanging vows with the one you love.

• Central Park (New York, New York) – Who can ignore the luxuriant gardens of this unforgettable United States landmark?

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Destination Wedding Photos by Meg Smith

Usually, when a couple decides on a destination wedding, they are making an important decision that not only affects their nuptials, but also involves family and friends who would love to be present during your marriage ceremony. Did you ever stop to think of the pros and cons regarding a destination wedding?


Stress-Free Wedding Planning – Take advantage of effortless planning by leaving the details to the resorts and tourism organizers trained to create dreamy destination weddings. Package deals are easy to come by, which often provides the services of an on-site wedding consultant who can handle essential issues, such as ordering a wedding cake and obtaining a marriage license.

No Guilt – If your destination wedding site is within reach for family and friends, you have an excuse for not inviting everyone in your life. If you wish, simply stick with inviting your absolute closest friends and family to join in on the ceremony. 


Long-Distance Frustration – Depending on your destination wedding site, you may or may not encounter a few drawbacks of trying to plan long-distance matrimonial bliss. For example, some foreign countries present annoying complications, such as getting a marriage license. If you are traveling to another country, take the time to research and make arrangements with suitable venues, florists, and photographers of the region.

No Family and Friends – Choose a far-off land for your destination wedding and you will leave behind the relatives and friends that you'd love to attend your wedding. This is one of the most glaring sacrifices engaged couples must make if they choose to marry away from the comforts of home.

Photos by Meg Smith

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:11 am
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