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Unique Decorative Touches


You've seen how your sister ordered live doves for her ceremony, or how your best friend displayed unique artwork at hers – and now, it's your turn. Brides are constantly searching for new and inventive ways to innovatively mold a wedding that outshines the next woman, but also stays true to her sense of style and creativity. Just when you thought there was no other clever way to say 'I do' or host an unforgettable reception, a light bulb goes off in your head.

But, if you need a little inspiration for unique decorative touches, consider the following:

Unique Decorative Cakes

The world of unique, decorative cakes has come a long way. Weddings are no longer showcasing the classic three-tiered confection with silvery sugar beads and buttercream frosting piped along the outside. Today, wedding cakes have morphed into…literally anything your heart desires. From lemon cream grand pianos to an edible ball and chain, confectionary artistry offers unique decorative touches to cakes. When you wish to stray from a traditional cake, consider a custom-made selection.

Personalized Cake Toppers

In the past, a plastic bride and groom stood guard over wedding cakes – generically staring down at the rest of the reception. The wedding market has since expanded to include a variety of unique decorative cake toppers, including personalized selections molded to resemble the bride and groom. Some personalized cake toppers look amazingly like the couple, as an artist works from photos to achieve a life-like quality.

Unique Decorative Centerpieces

As guests settle in at your reception, one of the first things they will notice is the centerpiece decorating their table. While some people choose a floral arrangement as their centerpiece, others prefer to focus on entertaining their guests, especially those who may not want to mingle or cut a rug on the dance floor. As a result, couples may select unique decorative centerpieces, such as drinking games for the adults, chocolate fountains, fondue platters, and trivial pursuit games.

Wedding Favors

When looking for unique decorative touches for your wedding reception, leave a lasting impression with the favors you choose for garnishing your tables. For example, the eco-conscious bride may enjoy selected potted seeds of love contained in a small vessel highlighting the name of the couple and date of wedding. Hopefully, your guests will situate these keepsakes in a windowsill – forever a reminder of your special day. Other unique wedding favors to consider include:

• Engraved clocks
• Lucky bamboo plants
• Lottery tickets
• Bottles of wine with custom labels
• Fortune cookies with special messages inside


Photos by Gloria Nunez

Last Updated: April 14, 2014 at 7:32 pm
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