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Wedding Aisle Markers


Details can often make or break wedding décor, and although they may not seem important at first – when the final picture comes together, those details play an important role in creating a masterpiece. Wedding aisle markers are no different. They create drama and beauty in the wedding and direct the eye toward the beautiful bride as she walks to meet her handsome groom.


When planning your wedding décor, you will probably notice that there are many different ideas for wedding aisle markers. Although it can be tough to decide, the process is also fun and exciting. Here are a few wedding aisle marker ideas that might make the process a little easier.


Tulle Wedding Aisle Markers


One of the most popular and most beautiful wedding aisle markers you can use is tulle. No matter what your wedding theme is, you can find a way to use tulle and make it breathtaking. For a traditional church wedding, tulle is absolutely gorgeous draped from pew to pew in the aisle. To dress it up, tiny bundles of flowers can be used at the points where the tulle fastens to the pew. You can add ribbons, favors or other trinkets to make the wedding aisle markers unique.


Another great way to use tulle in your wedding is to wrap strings of glowing white lights in it before you drape it. This is a beautiful look for a wedding that will take place at dusk or after dark. Tulle can be attached to chairs as well to create tulle wedding aisle markers if your wedding will take place somewhere other than a church.


Post Wedding Aisle Markers


Another beautiful idea is to use post wedding aisle markers. Again, there are many ways that you can decorate the posts to create a unique look just for your wedding. From bundles of flowers gracing the top to layers of fabric hanging to the floor – these make a beautiful addition to your wedding. Adding candles to the tops of the posts create a beautiful glow that will sparkle as you walk down the aisle to meet your groom.


If you’re unable to drape tulle from the chairs at your wedding, combine the post wedding aisle markers with the tulle and drape the fabric from post to post. This is perfect for an outdoor, beach or garden wedding. If you use this idea, make sure the posts are completely secure – you don’t want a cooling breeze to send your aisle markers into your guests’ laps!


Don't forget – wedding aisle markers are a great way to direct attention toward the bride and add gorgeous, breathtaking detail to your dream wedding!  

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:56 am
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