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Wedding Boot Camp


No, a wedding boot camp doesn’t necessarily always mean sculpting an impressive physique for your wedding dress, but can sometimes refer to various events centered on wedding planning. Intended to train the minds of brides-to-be, these wedding boot camp programs can equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge needed to plan and execute the perfect wedding.

What is a Wedding Boot Camp?

Depending on the services you have chosen, wedding boot camp is sometimes stretched out across several months or can take place all within one extravagant weekend. Brides in training may also encounter:

• Seminars
• A couple of classes or full-blown courses
• Conferences
• Training workshops
• Interactive presentations
• In-home demonstrations
• One-on-one counseling

Do You Really Need to Attend a Wedding Boot Camp?

If you've been tinkering with the thought of hiring a wedding coordinator, but like to stay in control of things, wedding boot camp could help you:

• Learn the tricks of the trade on how to pinpoint the best, the most, and least expensive
• Save money by eliminating the need to hire a wedding planner
• Sharpen your negotiating skills
• Become familiar with step by step details regarding wedding planning
• Learn how to avoid hidden fees

A wedding boot camp often shares some of the best secrets within the wedding industry. For some, the experience has helped brides ease into the role of their own wedding planning without losing their cool when unexpected obstacles emerge. The money-saving tips alone serve as real lifesavers. In some cases, you could freshen up on your wedding etiquette in regards to the ceremony, rehearsal dinner, engagement party, bridal showers, and bachelorette affairs. 

Wedding Boot Camp: What to Expect

Some brides sign up for a one-day event jam-packed with bridal experts and retailers specializing in creating the perfect walk down the aisle, while others prefer a more intensive regimen. Sometimes a wedding boot camp consists of a weeklong concentrated session of classes geared towards learning the ins and outs of the most important aspects that go into planning unforgettable nuptials. Other wedding boot camp opportunities see brides attend once-a-week classes over a specified period of time, which devotes their weekly sessions to a specific category of wedding planning.

Once again, the perks will vary, but you may receive:

• Your very own wedding binder – to keep all information organized
• Personal scheduler
• Catered meals
• Free samples and goodie bags
• Discounts and promotions from local vendors
• Complimentary tickets to various wedding-related events in town
In the end, there are many advantages to attending a wedding boot camp (namely foregoing the hiring of a wedding consultant or planner). If anything, the knowledge and experiences that you come away with will help create a well-prepared bride.

Last Updated: March 16, 2014 at 7:06 pm
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