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Wedding Colors – What's Yours Going to Be?


When it comes to wedding colors, the most popular approach is to select a favorite color or the trendy shade combination of the moment. However, let me tell you there's a wealth of preset factors that could cause you to sway towards one color over another.

Perhaps you've selected a ceremony site that possesses strong colors or you'd like to focus on a specific kind of flower as part of your décor. What if you've already fallen in love with the bridesmaids' dresses and must work around this color scheme? Usually, wedding colors depend on one primary color with one or two accent colors. To get an idea of fashionable trends for the season or year, I suggest you spend a bit of time browsing bridal magazines and guides for inspiration. You will also find that:

• While white is the ultimate traditional wedding color, consider adding just one other shade to produce a striking effect.

• Following seasonal tones will help you select your wedding colors. Pastels and bright colors usually work well for a ceremony set during the spring or summer season. Choose deep purples, burgundies, grayish greens, and silvers for a winter extravaganza. Take advantage of the harvest tones of autumn and incorporate yellows, reds, and oranges as wedding colors for a fall union.

• Blending similar colors (like yellows, peach and oranges) with one another can avoid clashing. 

• Choosing opposite colors (like reds and greens) will create a bold, yet stylish presentation.

• Selecting one single color and utilizing the entire range – from pale to dark – creates a pleasing palette. Pair a neutral color to create a rich combination of wedding colors.


Do and Don'ts for Choosing Wedding Colors

• Don't plan an all-black wedding. No matter how sleek a black dress may look, too much black will cause your celebration to feel like a funeral. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on the color, simply use a bright color or an equal amount of white to create a proper balance. 

• Don't lose yourself. Just because you've planned a wedding in the fall, doesn’t mean you have to incorporate shades of orange or red. Choose wedding colors that fit the scenery, other details, as well as your personality.

• Don't go overboard on the color. Sadly, some brides fall victim to 'color overload,' using more than three wedding colors. Do try to stick with two colors with a maximum of three.

• Do use a color wheel for inspiration. Perhaps you definitely have one color in mind for your wedding, but have no clue what to choose as a perfect match. Use the same tool that helps designers and artists create masterpieces – the color wheel. I suggest exploring a monochromatic palette, related tones, complementary shades, and neutral highlights.

All photos by Karen Wise


Last Updated: September 30, 2013 at 11:27 am
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