Wedding Cupcake Tower Ideas


Selecting the wedding cake is a very important part of wedding planning for a bride-to-be. You must not only select what colors and decorations will adorn your cake, but what flavor it will be. With the latest trends in wedding ‘cakes,’ you have many more options than ever before. Wedding cupcake towers are becoming more and more popular – and allow the bride to choose several different flavors and colors. If you’re considering wedding cupcake tower ideas, here is some information that may help you out a bit.


Classic Wedding


While most brides-to-be consider a cake the only way to go for a classic wedding, there are many different wedding cupcake tower ideas that will work wonderfully. For instance, start with a classic-looking tiered cupcake stand. If you’re going with the classic white and silver colors, you can choose beautifully created and subtle white cupcakes adorned with silver beads.


Edible roses or other flowers make a beautiful statement for classic wedding cupcake tower ideas. Make sure to speak with your baker to get some great ideas to create a magnificently classic cupcake tower that will please your guests.


Themed Weddings


If you’re going with a themed wedding, there are many wedding cupcake tower ideas that are fun and tasty. For instance, for a tropical-themed wedding, you can choose different flavors for the cupcakes – ensuring that there is something for everyone. From mango-flavored cupcakes with cream cheese icing to key-lime flavored cupcakes with sweet and tangy lime icing – there is a multitude of options.


For a garden-themed wedding, each cupcake can be made to look like a different type of flower, creating your own beautiful garden wedding cupcake tower! If this is something you will be doing yourself rather than hiring a professional for, there are a lot of benefits. If you mess up, you simply throw one cupcake away rather than an entire cake! There is a lot of room for error and you can create extra cupcakes just incase.


Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!


One of the most beautiful new trends in wedding cupcake tower ideas is to create a small wedding cake to place at the top of the tower. This is perfect for brides who want to include a wedding cake topper, and makes a dramatic statement. By having the cake decorated with all the colors of your cupcakes, you can tie the entire piece together and you will have a gorgeous wedding cupcake tower.


The wonderful thing about a wedding is that you can choose what you want – not what tradition says you should have. By finding wedding cupcake tower ideas that please you, you can take advantage of the simplicity and ease of cupcake towers and the absolute beauty that can be made when using them.  

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:17 am
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