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Wedding Dresses that Make You Taller and Thinner


Are you 5'2" and wish to add a bit of height to your appearance as you walk down the aisle? Sometimes, a pair of strappy heels isn't enough to do the trick and you must enlist the help of wedding dresses that make you look taller and thinner. Sometimes, brides just want to downplay their curvaceous figure and search for wedding dresses that create the appearance of thinness. In order to manipulate your wedding dress to work for you on your special day, consider the following tips:

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Length According the Height

When looking for wedding dresses to make you taller, use your height as a guide. Tall women should wear a longer dress, which lengthens the look of the body and makes for a leaner appearance. If you are short in stature, choose a dress length that falls right below the knee for a taller and leaner look.

Wedding Dresses with Patterns

If you're worried about how you will appear to guests on your wedding day, choose a wedding dress that offers patterns with an optical illusion effect. A bold bride may select diagonal stripes to detract the eye. Keep in mind that patterned wedding dresses with horizontal or vertical stripes can create a heavier look.

Take Advantage of the V-Line

Got a problem middle section? Browse wedding dresses with a V-neck, which can slim down your entire appearance. Choose a wedding dress with a V-line waist to reduce a bulky midsection and top of the hips.

Eliminate Belts and Ties Around the Waist

Look thinner with wedding dresses without belts, ties and scarves tied around the waist, which can create a bulky look.

Short Dress and High Heels

Show off your legs with short wedding dresses that make you look thinner. Pair with a high heel to give the impression of added length to your legs.

Choose Darker-Colored Wedding Dresses

Not only do wedding dresses with a darker color make you look thinner, but they also give the appearance that you are much taller than you really are. Achieve a slimming effect, as well as a taller physique by choosing the following wedding dress colors:

  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Forest green
  • Maroon
  • Chocolate brown


Last Updated: November 8, 2013 at 2:20 pm
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