Wedding Food – What to Serve?


Chicken or fish?  Steak or shrimp? You are not alone if you are fretting over the endless choices of wedding food awaiting an honored place on your menu. Before you start to follow traditional trends or the preconceived notions of what you think should go on your menu, consider the following questions: Will any vegetarians be attending your reception? Have you considered the possibility of wedding food allergies and special dietary concerns? If children are attending, will they find something pleasing to the palate?

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After you've formulated the answers to the above questions, you should now proceed to the suggestions I've listed below that will hopefully make this part of the planning process a bit easier for you.

Wedding Food According to Reception Details

The time of day that family and friends are expected to gather for your reception will most likely influence the type of wedding food served. A common approach usually includes appetizers, a main course (of bread, potato, vegetable, and meat), wedding cake, and drinks. To get a sense of how to approach the selection of wedding food according to the time and place of your reception, consider the following examples:

• Morning: Choose a brunch with a buffet line for a reception held in the morning, where guests can dine on eggs, toast, fresh fruit, and Belgian waffles. Consider setting up an omelet station that offers made-to-order creations. Don’t forget to add sausage patties and links, bacon, ham, and possibly roast beef into the mix.

• Early Afternoon: Have fun with a range of finger foods for guests attending a wedding reception set in the early afternoon. I suggest siding with an appetizer bar that provides cheese and crackers, fruits, and an assortment of dips and spreads. Add a sweet accompaniment to your chosen wedding food by looking into the cost of a makeshift ice cream parlor that dishes out banana splits and sundaes.

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Evening Reception: Sit-down dinners often accommodate the wedding food served at an evening reception, where chicken, beef, and fish are commonly added to the menu. Typical additions to the meal often include grilled vegetables, baked potato, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, and rolls.

• Informal or Outdoor Shindigs: Consider the convenience of self-serve buffets, where guests can create a meal between separate meat, fruit, and vegetables stations. How about setting up a grill and enjoying a laidback meal consisting of hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, potato wedges, and corn on the cob? Additional wedding food ideas for an informal get-together include a potato bar, bread station, soup and salad bar, and dessert table.


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