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Wedding Planning: 5 Things You Need to Start Right Away


So, you've decided to get married and enter the whirlwind of wedding planning ups and downs that come with creating one of the most important moments in your life. The experience is one that not only brings bundles of excitement, but also generates the lingering panic that you're constantly missing or forgetting an important detail. Relax! Just take a deep breath and let's get you started on five of the most significant responsibilities of wedding planning:

1) Tell Everyone

Don't hold this joyous event all to yourself. Get ready to spread the news and what better place to start than within the immediate family - namely your parents. While some brides bust at the seams to call family and friends, it's probably best to sit Mom, Dad, and other family members down for a heartfelt announcement. With glowing faces and a shiny symbol of commitment upon your finger, this is also a perfect opportunity to talk about wedding planning. Next, alert the potential maid of honor and best man, followed by close family and friends.

2) Pick a Date

A great deal of wedding planning decisions will revolve around your selected month and date. If you are looking for less hassle when planning a wedding, I suggest straying from the most popular months of matrimony: June, September, and August.

3) Begin Brainstorming Themes

Do you want a formal wedding with a sweeping ball gown and 5-tier cake or focus your wedding planning on a particular theme, such as tropical, Mardi Gras, or walking in a Winter Wonderland? There are plenty of decisions to make, from reciting vows in a church to jumping the broom by the waves of the ocean. Basically, you need to brainstorm the ideas that will produce the way you wish your wedding to look and feel. Start this part of wedding planning by jotting down your thoughts with your partner.

4) Set a Budget

From invitations to reception flowers, another key aspect of wedding planning involves how much you are able to spend on this joyous occasion. First, take a gander at your finances and calculate the amount of money you've already saved, and then decide how much you can save on a monthly basis. Speak with your parents and other relatives to see how much they would like to contribute or if there are any specific things they'd like to handle. I'd also like to stress that avoiding debt should become a priority during this part of wedding planning.

5) Choose a Ring

From pear-shaped, diamond, sparkling platinum to pearl accents - a wedding planning must is to choose a ring. Since the wedding ring serves as a daily remembrance of your walk down the aisle, I suggest selecting jewelry that offers high quality and personal appeal that fits within your budget.

Photos by Robert Sukrachand

Last Updated: August 12, 2013 at 6:49 am
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