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The Wedding Shoe Guide


With intricate beading, dyed colors, metallic allure, and 3-inch heels, the world of wedding shoes certainly offers something for everyone. However, choosing the best wedding shoes for your special day means much more than matching the color of your wedding dress or showing off a polished pedicure, it also involves achieving a level of comfort that should last throughout your ceremony and reception. To get you started towards locating the best fit for wedding shoes, consider the following:

Seductive High Heels or Fashionable Flats?

Sure, high-heeled wedding shoes create slenderness to your legs, but will you be comfortable for your first dance as a married woman, as well as the Electric Slide by the end of the night? Your special day will include a lot of standing, dancing, and rushing from one place to another. For the most part, you'll be on your feet, so the kind of wedding shoes you select better keep up. Yes, that irresistible pair of Jimmy Choos can cause bunions, corns, and shooting pains. Did I scare you? Perhaps, it's not such a bad idea to consider a soft shoe with a small heel.

The Color of Wedding Shoes

When browsing wedding shoes for a formal white, ivory, or cream dress – consider selections that match as closely as possible to your gown. With a feminine appeal, silk or satin wedding shoes are a practical choice that can be easily dyed if needed. For a wedding dress that showcases color, exercise a bit of flexibility. For example, a pink dress looks good with shoes in the same color. Try selections that are one or two shades darker or lighter for contrast. Consider matching your wedding shoes with gold or silver jewelry.

Wedding Shoes to Match Dress Length

Keep in mind that certain wedding shoes can elongate your legs, while others can shorten the length of your dress. When shopping for wedding shoes, make sure to slip into a variety of choices, including different heel sizes, open-toe selections, and styles with exposed backs.

Casual Weddings

Opt for a graceful pair of white or silver wedding sandals (minus distracting sparkles and oversized rhinestones) for a less formal affair. For a beach wedding, consider flat shoes, wedding sandals, and white flip-flops.

Fabrics for Wedding Shoes

Consider your wedding venue when selecting a fabric for your wedding shoes. Today, brides are browsing the looks of satin, silk, lace, and velvet. However, choosing the perfect pair often means combining personal preferences with other factors. For example, silk wedding shoes easily collect stains during an outdoor or garden reception. You may also want to leave the leather pumps at home for summer nuptials. 

Overall, wedding shoes come with compromises and it's up to you to select a pair that leaves you feeling just as comfortable as you are stunning on your special day. 

Last Updated: July 25, 2014 at 7:03 pm
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