DIY Wedding Challenge: DIY Candle Favors for Under $1ea


Candles are popular amongst most people and make great favors.  This project is simple and inexpensive to make.  I did these for a friend's Bridal Shower.  They were a huge hit.

You can customize this project to your theme or taste by choosing the color of votive candles and/or holders and ribbon.  You can also use a variety of "silk" flowers to fit within your theme. 

Candle Favor Supplies/Materials: (Note: pricing calculated per dozen, then broken down)

  • Votive Candle & Holder (Walmart $6.99/dozen) = $0.59 each *can also be found at Michael's for $7.99/dozen.

  • Ribbon (Michael's, 1 spool per dozen at $2.50/roll) = $0.20 each

  • "Silk"/Fake Flowers (Dollar Store, 1-1/2 bunches per dozen at $1/bunch) = $0.13 each  *can also be found at Michael's, 1/2 bunch per dozen at $3.25/bunch.

  • Cardstock for tags (Michael's, 1/2 sheet per dozen at $0.99/sheet) = $0.04 each  *Tags are optional, cardstock scraps can be used.

**The total cost per candle favor is approximately $0.96 each


  • Scissors

  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks

  • Specialty decorative scissors for tags (optional)

Assembly:  Wrap ribbon around votive holder and tie bow.  Trim excess ribbon leaving neat ends.  Remove flower heads from stems.  This typically can be done by simply sliding them off.  If they don't slide off, you try scissors or wire cutters to remove the flower heads.  Trim any remaining stem from the back of the flower as closely to the back of the flower head as possible to give a flat surface.  This will make attaching the flower to the ribbon much easier. 

Use the low-temp glue gun to attach the flower to the center of the ribbon bow.

If opting to have a tag, simply cut small tags into desired shape and size.  For a little flare, use decorative border scissors.  Once the tag is completed, use glue gun to attach to the ribbon on the opposite side as the flower.

*Tip: If your votive holders are tapered, you might find your ribbon slipping down.  If your ribbon slips, add a small dab of glue with the glue gun under the ribbon.  This should hold to the glass and prevent the ribbon from sliding.

Last Updated: September 22, 2013 at 4:32 pm
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