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DIY Wedding Challenge: Semi DIY Pocket Fold Invitations


Knowing that most guests toss out their invitation makes it difficult to justify the expense of luxurious invitations.  With all the resources available, its possible to make your own impressive invitations for a lot le$$.  I was short on time, so I opted to purchase pre-made pocket folds.  The rest was all DIY.



  • Pockets folds (Mine were pre-made, purchased from Cards and Pockets, style Retangolo, color Cranberry metallic)

  • Card Stock (I used 8-1/2" x 11" also purchased from Cards and Pockets)

  • Ribbon (I used 5/8" width, purchased from a floral wholesale shop)

  • Crystals (purchased from Art Beads)

  • RSVP postcard (see more info here)


  • Patience, lol!

  • Glue (I used craft glue E6000 to adhere the crystals to the monogram)

  • Adhesive for paper (I used permanent adhesive that was applied with a roll-on tape dispenser)

  • Scissors


I first began with a blank, pre-made pocket fold. 


Our monogram was a big part of our wedding so I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our invitations.

The monogram:  To design the monogram, I used Microsoft Publisher (PowerPoint can be used, its very similar).  *Note: Other programs can be used, I'm most familiar with these two.  Once the design was completed, I had the monograms printed on my card stock (color champagne, metallic) by a local print/copy center.  My home printer didn't print well on the metallic paper.  To save time and a lot of headache, I opted to have the print/copy center crop the monograms per my specifications/crop marks (2" square).  I added a 2-1/4" mat (color chocolate brown) behind the monogram to make it stand-out more.  Use E6000 craft glue to attach the small swarovski crystal to the monogram for a little sparkle.  Then glue the monogram to the mat using the roll-on tape adhesive.


Invitation:  Just as the monograms, I designed the invitations using MS Publisher and had them printed and cropped on my card stock (color champagne, metallic) by my local print/copy center.  I designed the invitation around the dimensions of the center part of the pocket fold.  Be sure to allow space on the left of the invitation for the ribbon and monogram detail. 

 Invitation and Mat Sizing:

  • Center area of pocket fold = 7" x 5". 

  • Mat (Chocolate Brown card stock) = 6-3/4" x 4-3/4"  

  • Invitation is 6-1/2" x 4-1/2". 

Using the roll-on adhesive, attach the ribbon to the invitation.  Fold the excess ribbon over to the back. 


Using the same roll-on adhesive, attach the monogram to the invite, centered over the ribbon. 

Again, use the roll-on adhesive, attach the invite with the mat and monogram to the pocket fold.


Inserts:  I chose to include four inserts in order to include more details/information for our guests. 

Using MS Publisher once again, I designed the inserts to fit in the 7" x 4" pocket (see sizing info below).  I also had the inserts printed and cropped by my local print/copy center.

Insert Sizing: 

  • Large insert =  6-3/4"w  x  3-7/8"h

  • Medium insert =  6-3/4"w  x  3-1/4"h

  • Small insert =  6-3/4"w  x  2-5/8"h


 Collate the inserts and slide into the pocket.


Slide the response card (in my case, a postcard) in the pocket over the inserts. Lastly, add another monogram to the outer flap of the pocket fold...VOILA!!!  A finished DIY pocket fold invitation!!


Last Updated: August 20, 2016 at 4:21 am
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