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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: B-PICS


Like many brides, having professional b-pics done before our wedding was certainly not in the budget, and not a super high priority.  I decided to give them a shot, myself in the privacy of our bedroom; this article contains tips on how I did them.

I used a simple Canon point and shoot camera, 5.1 mp.  I used our bedroom and apartment for the pics.  I made sure it was a SUPER sunny and bright day, and that all the shades were open, all the lights are on, etc.  (I "partially" closed our bedroom blinds to that outsiders couldn't see in, but the light still came in)

I used our bar height chairs, kleenex boxes, etc to prop the camera up on and to get angles.  I set the camera to no flash, and put it on the 10 sec timer.  I practiced getting into the position 1 or 2 times before actually "taking" the pic.  Makes it easier!  If I was WAY off (out of the frame of the camera or it looked dark or whatever) I re-took the pic til I think it would look good.

If you have a tri-pod, USE IT!!  It would be TONS easier!

Some of the up close type shots, were just arm shots, done by holding the camera and taking the pic. 

To edit them, (LOTS of editing) I used PhotoScape and  Both are free programs online to download, if you don't have adoba photoshop or money to buy a program.  I LOVE PhotoScape.

Here's the editing things I did on most of the pics:

-crop them if they needed it (crop out doors, random objects, crop to get a closer view, etc)

-Orient them (tilting them slightly, straighten them out, whatever is needed or whatever I had in my head)

-sharpen slightly

-brighten, if needed

-deepen (creates a more dynamic photo, deepens shadows, etc)

-Remove blemishes/spots (using the "mole" feature in PhotoScape)

-I also used the "region- out of focus" tool a lot; to create the look of the closer objects are focused and clear

-I used vignetting lots (darken the corners)

-In paint, I also used the "soften" feature on a few, it SMOOTHES out the photo a LOT, but creates a much darker image

-I also used "Clear noise" feature in PhotoScape, to smooth out skin.

Here is a before and after example:

<-- lightened, and warm colors added

Here are some of the final photos!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:52 pm
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