DIY Wedding Challenge: Battery LED paper lantern lights



  • Battery operated amber LED NON-flicker tea lights

  • Bead string, white

  • 26 gauge metal wire

  • paper lantern

Step 1:  The light looks best if the tea light is used upside down inside the lantern.  I used the metal wire to create a "frame" around the LED tea light.  I wrapped the wire around the "flame" part of the LED tea light, and brought it up around the base of the tea light and wrapped the two ends together.


Step 2: Tie 14" of bead string in 3-4 square knots on the back of the tea light - on the base of the tea light, to make sure it's secure. 

<--string is on left side


Step 3:  when you have paper lanterns, simply tie the string to the top of the inside frame of the lantern, and turn the LED tea light on!  

<--my camera batteries were almost dead, so the photo isn't great! (it's brighter than it looks here!)

The lanterns are not SUPER bright, but have a subtle glow from inside.. The photo above is with a pink lantern.  We will be lighting white lanterns.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:05 am
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