DIY Wedding Challenge: Silk Pomanders



  • 5" or 6" styrofoam balls

  • silk flowers (I used hydrangeas, mini mums, mini stargazers) with stems cut off (leave about 1/4")

  • 3/4" to 1.5" ribbon (satin or sheer works)

  • acrylic paint (optional)

  • thin wood/metal skewer/stick

  • low-heat hot glue gun and additional glue sticks


  • I painted each ball with wine-colored acylic paint first, so that "open" spots on the pomanders wouldn't show through the flowers... I used a styrofoam pad "brush" to paint them.

  • After each ball is dry, take the skewer/stick and poke 1" holes all over the entire surface area of the ball, leaving less than 1/2" of space between each hole.

  • Use the skewer/stick to poke a hole all the way from top to bottom in the ball (this hole will be used for the hanging ribbon)

  • Leave the skewer/stick in the ball, to mark where your ribbon will go.

  • Using the glue gun, put a small amount of glue on a silk flower stem, and push it into one of the holes on the ball; press it down tight

  • Do this for every hole, all over the ball, until it's completely covered, and the flowers are "pressed" together tighly.

  • After the ball is covered with flowers, take out the skewer/stick (remember where the hole is though!), cut your hanging ribbon to desired length (mine were a good 24"+), and thread both ends of the ribbon through the hole through the center of the ball.

  • Tie a double knot on the "bottom" of the ball, where the two ends of the ribbon are pushed through, and put a small splotch of glue over the knot, up against the ball to help hold it in place.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:20 pm
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