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Tears of Joy packets



  • 12x12" cardstock sheets (you can make 4 packets per 1 sheet)

  • super glue for paper

  • bone folder

  • 1/4" thick wire-edge ribbon

  • 8.5x11" paper of choice

Step 1:  I used 12x12 cardstock in hot pink and wine.  I cut the paper in quarters, so I had 4 pieces of 6x6 paper.  I then cut it according to the measurements below.

Step 2: Fold according to #1 in the picture below.  You should be folding about 1/2" of "flaps" inward.  Unfold them, and proceed to fold step #2 upward.  Keep this folded upward.

Step 3: Fold according to #3 in the pic below.. then fold in all the "flaps" inwards.  If you desire to have ribbon on the front, punch those holes first, then put your ribbon on.  Also, you can cut off the "flap" that shows at the top of the packet. Then fold the flaps inward and glue (I used super glue that works for paper, make sure the label for the glue says paper).  This is to seal the packet, and you can place anything on the front, and place the tissues inside.

To use the 1/4" ribbon, I looped it through the holes on the front, and tied a bow (optional).  For the front "For your tears of joy" label, I used Microsoft Word to create the template, printed them onto our 8.5x11" paper of choice, cut them to the correct size, attached them to the champagne cardstock with double-sided tape, and attached that whole thing to the packet with double-sided tape.  I then inserted the 2 tissues per packet, and violà!  Tears of Joy packets ala DIY.

Last Updated: November 17, 2013 at 4:35 am
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