DIY Wedding Challenge: Wedding Invitations From Scratch







  • 12x12" sheets of cardstock, color of choice
       (you'll require 1 sheet per invite)

  • 8.5x11" sheets of cardstock or normal paper, color of choice (for inside of invitation, you'll require 1 sheet per invite, approx)

  • 1-3 sheets of 12x12" cardstock in any applicable accent color

  • 20+ yards 1/2" wired-edge ribbon (for inside invite)

  • 20+ yards of 3/4" wired-edge ribbon (for around outside of invite)

  • paper cutter

  • printer

  • bone-folder

  • super glue that works for paper

  • picture corners

  • stamp/embossing tools





I started out with a 12"x12" piece of cardstock in our wine color.  I made a template that measured the correct measurements so that I could just use it to trace where the cuts should be for all the other ones.  NOTE: Drawing not to scale!!!








I then used a straight-edge/ruler to fold up the "pocket" part.. I cut off 1 5/8" off the "pocket" section so it's not as "tall" as it looks in this pic.  I glued just the very outside edge of it in place so that my reception cards that were already made could fit.  I also glued in the ribbon that will go around the seal the invite.  If the "insides" of your invite (rsvp cards, maps, etc) are small/skinny enough, you can always glue the inside edge of the pocket section as well and have a true "pocket".












Next I folded the inside section, using a ruler/straight edge.  I also used a bone folder to make the creases nice and flat.  I then folded the "front" section over, 2" from where the diagonal cut was made in the paper.  Please see the drawing above and find where it says 2" on the top of the drawing.








I embossed the word "Love" on the inside flap.



I wrapped the ribbon around the whole invite, gluing the ribbon into place on just the folded edges of the invite.  (If you are using satin ribbon or solid ribbon, you could probably glue it anywhere.. my ribbon is sheer chiffon type stuff, so the glue shows through).  I then ended the ribbon just 1/4" before the "tip" of the front of the invite (right above the word "LOVE" in the below pic).  I then glued our monogram square over the ribbon, etc.  (see pic below)










We put clear photo corners on the pocket, to be able to place an engagement photo in each invitation.



For the inside middle panel of the invitations, I used Microsoft Word to create our template.  I formatted the page to be landscape oriented.  We were able to create 2 templates per 8.5x11" sheet of paper.  I printed out 30 of them, cut them to the correct size, used double-sided tape to attach them to the wine-colored cardstock.  I then tied the 1/2" ribbon around it, and attached thatto the champagne-colored cardstocks, and attached the entire thing to the inside middle section of the pocketfold. 



For the inserts, I did the same thing: made templates in Word, printed them out (6 to a page), cut them, attached them to cardstock, and inserted them into the pocket.








To make our monogram: Again, I used Word, and printed out 30 "G"s onto our paper, cut them to the correct size, attached that paper to the champagne cardstock, and attached that to the pink cardstock.  I then glued the monogram square on top of the belly-band ribbon (see above instructions).





And violà!  Totally custom wedding invitations!







Last Updated: November 3, 2014 at 12:17 pm
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