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Different Burlap Table Runner Ideas


So I've pretty much set my mind on the fact that I'm going to have a rustic-themed wedding, and burlap table runners are going to play a big role in my design.

I love burlap, but the problem I have with it is that it can be a bit plain, despite fitting the rustic theme. I didn't want to get any colored burlap because I would prefer to keep the natural color (and natural color is cheaper) - I just wanted something subtle that would enhance the look.

So I've planned a few different varieties. The wedding is still a little while away - but hopefully soon!! I ordered my burlap table runner really cheap from (45 cents a yard!! - I bought 2 8" inch rolls).

I searched around and came with these ideas that I am planning on using:

Monogrammed Tablecloths

A neat trick which I learned from a friend - which wasn't for weddings tablecloths but is the same concept - is to monogram letters onto burlap. Depending on how far you want to go, you can either Monogram just the initials of the two of you or write both of your names across the entire tablecloth.

Cut Out Circles or Shapes

With the white table pads underneath you can cut some shapes on the burlap (again like your initials or names) and get the same result as monogramming. You can also cut triangles into the edges across the tablecloth or get inventive with your shapes.

Stitch The Burlap Using Yarn

I found this DIY tutorial for Valentines day where the lady simply stitched some red yarn on to the burlap (YouTube video). Find the yarn color you like and you can do it across the entire length of the runner. Yarn is really cheap.

Burlap Bag Table Placemats

I saw this before and not sure what it would look like on top of a burlap tablecloth, but I'm tempted to give it a try for really cheap.

Instead of cutting squares, I had a cheaper, simpler alternative. The same website I ordered from also had burlap bags for about a dollar each. A great way of saving money would be to order a bigger bag (without drawstrings attached) and then cut it in half, so you get two for the price of one. For two hundred guests you'll need about 100 bags + a few extra which will only cost you another $50 or so. You can then take the placemat and monogram it too if you want.

Last Updated: July 13, 2014 at 2:01 pm
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