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My Rustic Burlap Wedding Accessories Plans


So, I've already shared my plans on Projects Wedding for making my own burlap table runners. I'm obsessed with burlap and absolutely ecstatic at the low cost the whole wedding is going to be! (my fiancee is pretty happy about it too :)

I really want the whole theme to be rustic, so its not just the table cloths that I am getting ready for, its also the accessories to, including party favor bags. I looked around online and on Etsy for party bags, but I figured I can make my own, so why not save the money?

I used the same bulap shop as the one I used for my tablecloths and I got ordered 8 packs of 25 burlap bags with jute drawstrings (pictured), which cost me around 72 - shipping was a little high though. Although I saw the same thing on Etsy for about 200, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself now!

The measurements are 4x6 - which is great - because it means I don't have to do anything more to the bags if I don't want to - they are perfect the way they are. However, I'm still considering whether or not I should monogram it or add lace to it like I've seen done on YouTube.

Oh and this sign that I saw while surfing around makes me absolutely giddy:

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:58 pm
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