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Budget Savy Bride: Amy's Texture Fairytale in Black and White


My wedding inspiration came from my spending entire childhood staring at my parent's wedding photos-- and I was horrified!  They got married in in July of 1980.  My very petite Mom wore a long-sleeved lace dress with puffy sleeves.  My very tall (read: linebacker-esqe) Dad wore a baby blue tux, white ruffle shirt, and baby blue oxfords.  Oh, the agony!!  So, my dream wedding was formed--  it had to be classic and timeless!

So the Black and White wedding planning began in November 2008, for a wedding in October 2009.  But, I wanted a way to really make it special on a budget, so it's all about layers and texture for my wedding!

My Look:

Starting with the dress: David's Bridal style 9T9642: $450 on Sale

Alterations courtesy of my awesome Grandma--  Free! 

Hair Flower: DIY Project inspired by PW bride JackieG: $7
white peony from craft store: $4
hair comb: $1 for 4
fabric glue: $2
center bling: extra button laying around in my jewelry box
behind-the-back mirror self-portrait: priceless


Veil: DIY following these instructions: $5
5 yards of tulle: $5
1 hair comb: previously purchased for hair flower

Fiance's Look: All classic-- $2
Classic black tux w/ black tie - free since we had 5 other rentals
Pocket Square: silk from TJ Maxx - $2 and he can keep it! (we're also buying them for each of the groomsmen in lieu of a boutonniere)

Much like this image of Jeremy Piven I found on Lela Luxe (unknown photo credit):


The Decor: All about details and texture!

I knew that I had to use the vast majority of my budget on food and drink-- so I didn't want to break the budget on decor.  I needed a lot of WOW for not a lot of $$$.  Here's my plan:

Tall Centerpieces: Pomander Balls on top of tall cylinder vases: $45 for 5 tables
Pomander Balls: Purchased from PW Bride Genae for $5 each ($25 total)
Vases: $1 each from the Dollar Tree ($5 total)
Trim: $5 from craft store
LED lights: $10 for 10 from craft store

(pictured here with a homemade tissue pomander ball):

Short Centerpieces: Pine cones on a stand with delicate flowers $20 for 5 tables
Pine cones: Free in my backyard! Lots of texture and much less rustic when painted with a high gloss black paint!
Spray Paint: $5 for 5 cans
Terracotta pots: $5 for 5
Terracotta bases: $5 for 5
Small silk flowers: $5 for 5 bunches at the Dollar Tree


Total Table Look: $56.50 - $61.50/table x 10 tables = $590
White linens: $15 on ebay for 132" linens
Table Runner: $3 on Efavormart
Flatware: $.20 each on ebay = $6/table
Chargers: $.75 each from PW Bride Genae = $7.50/table
Plates: $.40 each from rental company = $4.00 table
Centerpieces: $4 or $9
Favors: $1 each for $10/table
Misc other pieces: $7 for table
Best of all--  I can resell a majority of my items after the wedding!!  So much better than donating my money to a rental company!



Other signs and decor: $40 total

For the Head Table:

My Unity Candle: (inspired by pw)

Chair and suite signs: (Inspired by PW)

I Do letters for the Cake Table: (inspired by PW)

DIY Personalized Aisle Runner: (inspired by PW)

Flowers: $100
White carnations in bulk from Sams Club - 300 stems for $100
I love how monochromatic carnation bouquets look-- luscious and full of texture

Inspired by this Martha Stewart Bouquet and instructions from WeddingBee:

The Cake: Free from my awesome Aunt (retired Bakery Owner as my wedding gift!
My inspirations are all about texture:(photo credits unknown)

Total wedding budget: $7000 -- paid in cash.  Makes me feel even better about marrying the man of my dreams!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:59 pm
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