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POST your 'What Was I Thinking DRESS'


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Did you try on a dress that made you say 'wow. . .what was I thinking?'

Did you have your heart set on a dress that once you put it on it was GLARINGLY obvious that it was definitely not your dress?

Did you try on one in the salon just for kicks because you thought it was so out-of-your league and 'not' you?

I bet many of these would look GREAT on another bride!  But just not for *you*.  Lets see them!

Ready, set, GO!


I think this one was pretty terrible, but it was one that the sales lady picked out. I think I look like a cream puff.

Dang it!  I really want to participate but haven't gotten to go dress shopping enough to post a hideous one.  The one place I went was really strict about photography :( 

On the model:

On me:

Whitney... the places I went to wouldn't let me take pictures either, so I just did it in the changing room. Put my phone/camera on silent so it wouldn't make a click noise when I took the picture. They don't come out the best, but they are good enough right. ;)

Hahah Ashley.  Yeah, it's beautiful, but I see why you weren't a fan :)

This one is BEYOND BLECH on me.  Excuse how awful I look. . .and the colored bra. . .oy. . .and it's before I lost weight so I HATE how I look. . .

My MOH and I went to a lady who sold store samples out of her house and she pulled this one for me to try on.  It was a beaded nightmare on me. . .like, what's with the v down the front?  Somebody else can pull this one off, but DEFINITELY not me. . . 



we didn't take pictures of the "hell no" dresses =)

MB - that IS a beaded nightmare  - so glad you didn't go with it

This was the dress Katie LOVED!!!!  HAD to have...went back to buy it....hated it!!!


This is the one she ended up buying and now LOVES it...hope she feels the same when it comes in...She is changing the neckline to a sweetheart

these were dresses my mom kept picking out. They were sooooo puffy!! LOL

*note my "I'm not  happy" face*

FMIL I love the second dress on her SO much more than that first one!

LOL at your face megsterpie!

Bah, i just deleted a bunch of "what was i thinking dresses". They were not terrible... but did not really flatter my figure.

Im pretty thin, but always have a little "pooch" and as soon as i said destination wedding the sales lady would be pulling only the flowy, chiffony dresses that really excentuated my little pooch.



Story behind this Maggie. I went to this shop by myself, 90min drive from the town where I live. The salon was an official Maggie retailer and they had a dress in there that I wanted to try on. Way out of my budget, so she tried to sell me this Maggie. I remember me posting a thread about this dress, and I still cant believe everyone was so nice for me :P

The horror story behind this dress was that they cut out the entire corset back! There was a bride that didnt fit her dress 1 week before the wedding, and to save her dress they sewed in a corset, out of this dress. The lace didnt do anything good on me, the dress was ruined (and still wanted to charge me $1500 for it, without costs of alts!) it was too big for me, too flashy, too bridal. So Im really happy the lady never got back at me with an offer, when I told her I couldnt effort the dress. (She asked me what my budget was, and told me on the phone to call me back with an offer lol)

I loved this dress, but ummmmm could not imagine wearing in front of all my family in a church!!

I switched dresses with the girl next to me - she bought this one (which looked more conservative on her) and I bought the one she had on!

LOLOLL these are GREAT!  MOre more more!

Jess - beautiful dress, but yeah. . .umm. . . 

LadyY - I can't believe that!  

(This is why I need to wrok from home, lol!!  I had to ask FI to email me these)

Ok...  I love love love Belle from Beauty and the Beast... The salesman said he had a dress just like her's...  It was beautiful on the hanger but wow... It was too crazy for me when I put it on... Holy crap.. lol!  It is actually a light gold-y color too...

IMG_5948.jpg picture by misshammy

IMG_5947.jpg picture by misshammy

Without the slip:

IMG_5945.jpg picture by misshammy


Ooooh Hammy that's a LOT of dress and NOT a lot of Hammy. . .yikes. . . and without the slip it just looks wrong. . .Glad you picked the one you did!  :)

LOL I know!!  Def not what I was looking for (no ballgowns) but it was fun to try on and play dress up :)

MissHammy... that's like the one Maggie I tried on, but HATED (my mom loved it when I sent her pictures and FI was like I like it a lot). Thank god I decided against their judgment. LOLI still shiver just thinking about this dress.

both of these were def. for someone ELSE first one bad because I looked like a 12 yearold second one bad because it was terrible atleast for me, I am just not a pick ups kind of girl or ruching and duchess satin, I am def. happy with my Junko yoshioka robyn dress choice

Oooh not for you Ashley. . .no . . . 

That first one is beautiful Shanolle but yeah, I see what you are saying :)

wow ashley that last pick def. did nothing for your figure (which by the way looks slammin) it just goes to show that you shouldn't pick just any dress and there is a "right"  one for everyone

OMG I wish I had a picture of the nightmare the consultant put me in!! I swear I looked like the Chiquita Banana lady!! I LOVE ruffles...but this dress was EXTREME!! I think the dress weighted about 15lbs!! I could barely MOVE in the thing!!

Oh yeah Lucky I'd LOVE to see that, lol!


I don't have pics of me in it but this one was like a Princess Di was very,very many roses, so much not me. Pretty dress though (it is much larger in person that in the picthough...).

That is beautiful Em but I can see those roses and bustle in the back making somebody who is very thin look a little wide :)

shanoll the back of the first was pretty but I can imagine what you mean


Anybody else?  I love these!

ok the shop lady picked this, it was supposed to be made in white. she said I would look so fres hand country like.

I hated it

my ophelia experience... I looked as if I just needed a willow to commit suicide under

Here you go!

I really loved this dress but when I got home and looked at the pic, I realized it didn't do too much for my figure!

LOL Madesmoiselle!!!!!!

Haha what a fun post!  I have many of these!  :)

This is probably my favorite though.  It's a pretty dress, but on me, it was AWFUL!

Wildfire that is gorgeous but I swear NOTHING can trump the one you wore - it was SO perfect for you.

Madem. . .ditto :)

LadyJenn - I wanna see!  Try restarting your browser window or your computer. . .. 

haha jessalva yours cracked me up!  I can just see the faces of all your guests coming down the aisle looking so voluptuous!  :)

Oh wait!  I just remembered one that was HORRIBLE!!!  I can't even believe I'm going to share this pic!

Think this should be my new profile pic?


LOLOLOLOL Wildfire. . .that photo is CLASSIC. . .ok, you posted that one, I'll be BRAVE. . .(phew, puttin on my game face here). . .proof that us brides are NOT always gorgeous!

I don't even know what's up with my hair in this photo.  . .ewwww. . . all stringy and stuff. . .again pre-weightloss so I HATE sharing this, lol!  This dress was AWFUL on me. . .

Another. . . we actually liked this one, but looking at it now I'm wondering WTF?  It's all up to my neck practically, lol! look like you are being hanged in that pic...hahaha...awful!

What I think is so funny is that these pictures must have been taken before we were really into PW.  Otherwise we would have KNOWN they would be posted at some point and we would have gone in with our hair and make up done.  lol

I was able to edit my post, the dress is above!

LadyJenn you look beautiful!  You're supposed to share an embarrassing pic!  lol

miss_em, I know isn't it awful???  I think I might just have to change my profile pic for today....

This one was one of my favs on the model online, it hung on me like a sack, did nothing flattering, and the corset bows ended up on my butt! Awful!

wildfire - DO IT!!! should post that one in the next 'Post your dress!' thread as a joke....haha!!!

OK I'll do it!  Here's the back of that hideous dress! 

LOLLOLOL OMG Wildfire your profile pic. . . holy moly this day is AWESOME

I wanna play on this thread all day it's fabulous :)  Might have to dig it up later when I get back!

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAH...LOVE  the new profile pic!!!

O ladies---  I have some doosies from The Running of the Brides... we forgot to bring a mirror so my friend (who was also getting married) took turns taking pictures on our phones of dresses so we could see them.  Are you ready?

My Humps, My Humps, My lovely lady Humps (on the sides of my body!)

PS-- excuse the hair/bra/general haggard look.. it was so crowded and hot in there that I I just put my hair up.

Does my face say it all? HATED this dress (on me):

This dress felt like it weighed 50 pounds...  so much tulle and beading. 

same dress on my friend... it was even worse from behind... we laughed and laughed and laughed

LOL @ Wildfire!! I love that you made it your profile pic!! Your face is absolutely priceless!!

Omg, and you too erudolph !! Your face shows how you do not like it at all!!

found a better one of me in the poufy dress....

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