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Photo Booth Rental


Congratulations on your engagement!

For most brides-to-be, enormous amounts of time, money, and work is put into planning that “picture perfect” wedding. So much emphasis is put into having the perfect setting, the good food, the prettiest flowers, the best colors, the right music etc...but usually the most over looked piece of a great wedding is ignored. What is it...? The guests of course!

It’s the people that make a wedding great.

It's important to create a great vibe and to get the guests to be themselves. And this can be done with a photobooth! By incorporating a photo booth rental in your wedding, there's this nostalgia and mystique that gets people excited and to smile.

Photo booths are the perfect ice breaker

Renting a photo booth is an easy way to ignite a fun, silly mood to a wedding. It brings endless entertainment and is a creative gimmick to break the ice, bring people together (especially the ones that don't dance), and encourages them to be wacky and zany behind the curtain. How funny is it to see grandma and grandpa make out in oversized glasses in a photo booth or watching tons of guests trying to cram inside a photo booth?

Photo booths brings years of memories

This is a simple way to make your guest a part of the occassion by having them create a unique guest book. The best thing about having a photo booth for a wedding is the sentimental guest book you get to keep. Instead of a book filled with boring autographs and standard "best wishes" or "congratulations" comments, it's filled with candid pictures and heart felt messages. It's something that couples can put on their coffee table and look at for years to come.

Photo strips are a great party favor

One past photo boother said “I would much rather take a photo strip than a favor from a wedding”. For your guests, they get to take home a piece of the party instead of a set of boring salt and pepper shakers.

If you have any questions or comments on this article feel free to message us below. We love to hear your photo booth experience or why you want to rent a photobooth?

Good luck on your special day!

Need a photo booth rental in Southern California?

If you are planning a wedding in Southern California, take a look at Rockstar Photobooth's discounted photo booth rental packages.

Rockstar Photobooth provides the bride and groom a cd copy of all the pictures and a free online gallery of all the pics taken which the guest can view and order duplicate prints.

We include lots of extra photo booth options!

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Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:10 pm
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