A Citrus Centerpiece


A citrus centerpiece is the ultimate do-it-yourself project: there's no need for a florist, and it's incredibly budget-friendly.  We chose bright yellow lemons for ours, and added sprigs of green lemon leaves to bring another color into the mix. 

To give a bit of rustic contrast to the shiny, perfect fruit, we chose a vintage wooden box for our container; cake stands, large bowls, and glass cylinder vases are also great choices.  (Hint: If you have a large container like this one, don't worry about having to fill it completely with fruit; simply stuff it almost to the top with tissue paper and just put fruit in a layer on top.)

A pretty green and white table runner compliments the colors of the centerpiece, and is all that's needed on top of a country wooden table.  We personalized plain white cotton napkins with guests' initials, using stencils and fabric paint, and guests can take them home as a fun keepsake. 

Simple white plates don't compete with the table's bright colors, and keep the look modern and fresh.  As a pretty finishing touch, we tied a simple yellow flower with a lemon leaf  for each place setting.  

Images Courtesy: Mary Swenson

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:11 pm
Tags: DIY Wedding
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