All Inclusive Honeymoons


After planning every detail of your perfect wedding, an all-inclusive honeymoon probably sounds pretty good. Escaping the craziness for some quiet relaxation where everything is taken care of and paid for can be a dream for some honeymooners. Before signing on the dotted line, consider the following pros and cons of all-inclusive honeymoons.


All-Inclusive Honeymoons: Pros


Save Money


All-inclusive honeymoons are usually quite cost-effective options for budget-careful couples. You won't have to endure the shock of additional costs or charges; you'll know what you're getting into financially from the get-go. All-inclusive resorts don't require gratuities, so there's no need to keep your pockets overflowing with tip money.


Try New Things

At an all-inclusive resort, hotel or cruise, you can new try things risk-free. Take advantage of the complimentary activities like sailing, waterskiing and rock climbing. While you and your sweetheart might not shell out the cash for squash lessons otherwise, the free option might be a fun adventure. If you are a diver, golfer or sport aficionado, pick an all-inclusive honeymoon that includes your activity of choice and participate to your heart's delight.


Suits You

Many all-inclusive resorts boast couples-only vacations. Escape the singles nightlife or the dining-with-children experience and indulge in quiet romance. Contrastingly, if you have children vacationing with you, some resorts include kid-friendly activities and daycare in their all-inclusive plans. You can find a honeymoon that best suits your new family.

For luxury-seeking couples, even the most high-end resorts offer all-inclusive honeymoons. You don't have to sacrifice style and romance; instead, you'll know exactly what you're getting (and what to budget for) in advance.



Some all-inclusive options exist so that you can experience secluded locales where amenities wouldn't typically be available. Stay in an African safari lodge or at a remote island and have all your needs taken care of.


A Great Gift Option

All-inclusive honeymoons are easily added to gift registries. Have your honeymoon funded by generous guests.


All-Inclusive Honeymoons: Cons


Limited Experiences

An all-inclusive honeymoon will likely limit you to the experiences included in the specific honeymoon package. So if you're a couple that likes to venture out and participate in the unique culture and cuisine of your destination location, you may be frustrated with these limitations.



Boredom can be a potential downside to an all-inclusive honeymoon. If you're concerned about eating at the same restaurants daily, look into plans that include multiple eateries, room service, and sister properties that let you dine there as well.


The Fine Print

Read the fine print carefully before committing to an all-inclusive honeymoon. There may be unanticipated additional fees, like delivery charges for room-service meals, spa services, in-room Internet, access to certain activities and liquor fees.


Lack of Privacy

If you're looking for a secluded getaway for two, keep in mind that most all-inclusive plans encourage interaction with other guests. Private couples may be frustrated by the group activities and dining.

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