Aruba Honeymoons


Aruba's license plates announce the Caribbean hotspot as "one happy island." Honeymooners flock to this tropical isle just off to the coast of South America to enjoy its low humidity, rocky deserts, breezy vistas and popular casinos. Try your hand at Caribbean Stud Poker, listen to the sounds of a steel drum, and enjoy your Aruba honeymoon.

For outdoor lovers, be sure to take advantage of all that Aruba has to offer:


Aruba Honeymoons: The Land


Arikok National Park takes up nearly 20% of Aruba's land. The natural preserve is a showcase of unique wildlife and plant life. Three geological formations - lava, quartz diorite and limestone - contribute to the sustaining of a unique habitat. Bring a camera and your hiking boots as you trek though its trails, looking for signs of the Aruban parakeet and Aruban whiptail lizard.

At the park's outer edge, explore the Guadirikiri Cave. This rumored hiding spot for pirates is home to harmless bats and stunning streams of sunlight through its cave wall.

Photographers will want to visit Natural Bridge, Aruba's 100-foot-long coral attraction.

Treasure-seeking honeymooners should head to Aruba's historic gold mills. In the 1400s and 1500s, Aruba was a major destination for gold prospectors. The abandoned mills are now remnants of a colorful history in which millions of pounds of gold were discovered. Visit the Bushiribana gold mill ruins on the northern coast where gold was discovered in 1824, or visit the Balashi gold mill ruins in a picturesque setting at the tip of the Spanish Lagoon.


Aruba Honeymoons: The Waters


While honeymooning in Aruba, be sure to sightsee underwater as well as aboveground. Explore the shipwrecked Antilla, a German freighter bombed in two, and the Jane Sea, an almost-vertical freighter lodged in the clear ocean waters. Dive at night at Mangel Halto Reef, or dive off the shore at Baby Beach.

Waters on the southwestern coast are tranquil, perfect for windsurfing. Take a lesson with your new spouse and appreciate the clear waters together.

If you're not interested in going into the water, float atop the ocean on a lunch cruise or dance party on a ship. Circle the island under the warm sun.


Aruba Honeymoons: The Tourist Attractions


If you're looking for tours and cultural enlightenment, consider visiting the following:

The Butterfly Farm is a large meshed structure home to landscaped gardens, tropical flowers and Japanese fish. Take a guided tour that will introduce you to exotic caterpillars, and hope for the chance to witness the birth of a butterfly. Wear perfume and bright colors if you want a butterfly to land on you.

The Archaeological Museum of Aruba highlights Aruba's Amerindian heritage. History buffs will find the pottery vessels, stone tools and burial urns fascinating.

Visit the popular Aruba Ostrich Farm and spend the day learning about these impressive Africa-native birds. The rugged Aruban landscape is the perfect home for these flightless birds. After your tour, sample ostrich meat at the sprawling Savannah Lodge Bar & Restaurant.


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