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Ashley Hebert on The Bachelor, The Final Rose and Finding Love


By Paulette Cohn for Project Wedding

From the get-go on this season's "The Bachelor," Ashley Hebert and Brad Womack had chemistry. So it was a surprise on last week's episode when Brad sent the 26-year-old dental student home. Even he admitted that he thought Ashley would be in the final two. Now, we talk to Ashley to find out why she couldn't tell Brad she loved him and wanted to get married and who she thinks will get the Final Rose.

It seemed to me that all Brad wanted to hear you say was: "I want to get married and have kids." Why couldn't you say that? Is it because you are in different places because of the 10-year age difference? Or do you not want to get married?

Ashley Hebert: I think that there was a lot of miscommunication between Brad and me. I certainly am at an age where I feel that I am ready to settle down and enjoy the finer things in life. I really think it was a lack of communication. I have to admit that throughout the whole process I went into it not expecting to feel as strongly as I did and I think I was guarding myself. I definitely learned a lot from that and, hopefully, I will not make that mistake again.

On your fantasy suite date, what did you and Brad talk about that we didn't get to see?

Ashley Hebert: Brad and I talked about a lot of things. I think we should have talked about the important questions that we touched on at dinner, but we continued on with our really fun, light relationship and I think that is where things went wrong. We had the opportunity to talk about the more serious things and we opted to take the light way out. I didn't answer all the questions he needed; he didn't answer all the questions I had. In the end, we ran out of time and that night was the demise of our relationship.

You didn't know that Brad was "The Bachelor" when you signed on for this. Once you got to know him, did you think that the fact that you were in different places in your life would affect you getting the final rose?

Ashley Hebert: A lot of people think we were in very different places, but in my mind, I thought we were at the same spot. I think he thought my career was just beginning and, for me, the hard part, which was school, was ending. I never really thought of us being at different points in our life in my mind. I thought we were on track. I will never quite agree with that. I think we just want different things out of life.

Do you think some of the communication problem had to do with you seeing that he was in love with someone else and, on his part, he was looking for reasons to get rid of you?

Ashley Hebert: Absolutely. I actually feel that Brad went though it the first time and people gave him a hard time for dragging girls along. I think, once he made up his mind, he wasn't going to string me along. It was very clear that he had a lot of questions. He wasn't trying to pretend everything was okay when it wasn't. I think he fell in love with someone else. I clearly saw it with Emily the day before. I think he fell in love with someone else and didn't want to string me along. I completely respect that.

Are you currently over Brad, or if his choice doesn't work out, would you date him again?

Ashley Hebert: I think that no doubt we had something that was strong. We could have had a great relationship. I think through the process, I never handled it well. I never made good use of our time. I do take responsibility for a lot of wasted time which ended up in me going home.

Watching the show, I have come to realize we are very different people and we want different things out of life. I don't know. That is a tough question. It is so hypothetical. I don't know if I would consider dating him again, but who knows?

You say you are ready to get married, so can you talk about what qualities you are looking for in a husband?

Ashley Hebert: As I have gotten older, I feel like it has changed. I used to want a hot ticket, somebody really confident and successful. Now, I can honestly say the only requirement I have is somebody who is a good person. I know that is cliché, but [I want] somebody who has made a grand gesture that shows great character. I just want a good man to share my life with. It wouldn't hurt if he was easy on the eyes. I need somebody who can keep up with me, right?

And loves to dance?

Ashley Hebert: I actually prefer that they don't dance better than me, so that is not high on the requirement list.

You obviously spent a lot of time with Chantal O. and Emily in the house. Who do you think is the best match for Brad?

Ashley Hebert: It changes from week to week. I thought Chantal O. until the last episode. Now I am more apt to say he is falling in love with Emily. In terms of what I think Brad wants out of life and in a relationship, I think Emily is a better match, but I love him and Chantal together. They complement each other and she brings out this playfulness that I love to see.

Would you consider being on "Bachelor Pad" or the next "Bachelorette"?

Ashley Hebert: I don't think I would be as happy about "Bachelor Pad", but if they asked me to be the next "Bachelorette," I would definitely consider it. I feel the process worked for me once. I would be so excited to do it, but "Bachelor Pad", I would really have to think about it.

In a week, Brad will present the Final Rose. Will it be Emily or Chantal? We will have to tune in to find out, but first, Monday night at 8 p.m. on ABC, it is the reunion show where the "Women Tell All."

Last Updated: March 7, 2011 at 6:36 am
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