Beach Wedding Cake


Beach wedding cake:

Beach weddings are very popular with couples who live near or can get to lovely waterfront locations -- but even when the nearest ocean is hundreds of miles away, you can have a beach-themed event featuring a beach wedding cake. Whatever the time of year, even if it's cold and snowy outside, a beach wedding cake is guaranteed to evoke warm images of sun, sand and the sea.

 Beach wedding cake - creative options:

A beach wedding cake offers many creative design opportunities. It can be iced in bright yellow, like the rays of the sun, or a shade of beige or tan, like the sand on a favorite stretch of beach. Or maybe cover the beach wedding cake in a light blue or turquoise fondant icing, bringing to mind visions of cool, clear water.

The icing layer on a beach wedding cake serves as the backdrop for a wide variety of themed decorations - seashells, seahorses, palm trees, birds, fish, dolphins, boats, etc. These accents can be a combination of icing and gum paste creations plus purchased add-ons, if desired. Waves, for example, can be made out of curls of white chocolate. Fresh flowers like orchids or other colorful tropical blooms cascading down the sides give a particularly striking and exotic look to a beach wedding cake. (Be careful if using fresh flowers to ensure that no blooms or stems touching the cake are toxic or have come in contact with harmful pesticides.)

Whether or not the layers of a beach wedding cake are heavily decorated, cake toppers can be used to depict different kinds of beach settings. The bride and groom can be standing in an open seashell - either formally attired or casually dressed for a visit to the beach. Arrange sandcastles on the top of a beach wedding cake for an oceanfront landscape, surrounded by seashells and starfish. A beach wedding cake can be ornamented either whimsically (how about a bride and groom sitting on deck chairs with sunglasses?) or artfully (delicately formed starfish and beaded pearls), depending on the mood the couple wants to establish.  

If couples want their beach wedding cake to be unique, instead of the standard tiered design they can have their cake custom-shaped like the sun, a lighthouse, a sandcastle, starfish or seashell. Or they can have it both ways - order a conventionally decorated tiered cake and then have a groom's cake decked out as a beach wedding cake.

For couples lucky enough to actually have a beach wedding, there are a few important things to keep in mind about their beach wedding cake: while the sun is a welcome guest at the event, the beach wedding cake has to be protected from melting. If the wedding is taking place during the day, the beach wedding cake shouldn't be outside until it's time for the cake cutting. If it's an evening reception and cool enough for the cake to be outside, make sure that it's a safe distance from wind-swept sand - and bugs. An artful net draping with shell accents would do the trick, and enhance the beach wedding cake theme at the same time.

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