Beach Wedding Invitations


Planning a beach wedding? Let your invitations reflect the theme of your big day. Beach wedding invitations can capture the relaxed sun-kissed feel of the event you're planning and let guests know what to anticipate in advance of your dream day.


Beach Wedding Invitations: Details


A beach wedding accommodates many design styles and personalities; consider your wedding's overall design scheme before ordering your invitations or save the date magnets. For a natural, serene wedding, capture breezy simplicity on parchment or linen invitations. Add seaside-inspired elements like seashells and coral, or tie in a nautical theme with stripes, anchor motifs and rustic details. Garden or tropical flower designs, such as hibiscus flowers or bamboo shoots, will point to your definition of "beach wedding." If the beach wedding is also a destination wedding, use the ceremony's location as part of your stationary strategy. Cleverly use a watermark behind the wording: a sandcastle, flip-flops, a sailboat or palm tree. Photography works well, too; incorporate a photograph of the beach landscape in your invites, or use a picture of you and your spouse-to-be by the water. Personalize the beach wedding invitations to reflect you as a couple.


Beach Wedding Invitations: Colors


The color palette used in your beach wedding invitations can both reflect the colors in your wedding and the colors of the beach setting. Sage greens, light blues and soft browns will capture a serene by-the-water feel, while vibrant colors like pinks, corals and azure blues might allude to a more tropical affair. A wedding at sunset might dictate richer colors against dark stationary. Consider what the wedding programs will look like at your beachside wedding and try to design invitations that coordinate with those paper choices. By blending your wedding colors with the location, you'll be creating invitations that reflect both your personal style and your big day.


Beach Wedding Invitations: Unique Design


Because beach weddings are often casual and unique expressions of a bride and groom, take advantage of the creative license granted you and use theme-revealing graphics, additional textures, layered materials and loose inserts. Use rope or hand-tied bows instead of a paper wrapped band around your invites; let seashells or beads give your stationary dimension; add a shimmering sand-like border.  Some stationary providers even provide beach-scented paper or offer beach-related confetti shapes. The options are seemingly endless.


Beach Wedding Invitations: Wording


Let the invitation wording reflect your beach wedding location. Include a poem or short romantic prose about exchanging vows on the sand. Use words like "paradise" or "twilight" and reference the waves, the sun and the romance of the beach. Even the most formally worded invitations can include an insert that specifies location and accommodation information and alludes to the feel of the area. Use every opportunity to use your invitation to get guests excited for your beach wedding.


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